Here Are the Top 10 Foods That Eliminate Bad Breath

Berries are also one of the foods that eliminate bad breath. This also applies to melons, citrus fruits and other foods rich in vitamin C.

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Here are some foods that can help solve the bad breath problem. PHOTO via @Getty Images/22 January 2021

What you eat can have a huge impact on your overall health, and it can solve many health-related problems by modifying your diet.

It’s not easy to deal with bad breath, but you can get good results from some great food. 

You can use a stick to treat your bad breath, but it will only be a temporary treatment. Let’s find out what else can help in this regard.

Foods that eliminate bad breath

The type of food you eat can aggravate or exacerbate the odour problem, which is why you need to be careful about your food choices. Here are some foods that can help solve the bad breath problem.

#1. Tea

You can combat the odour by drinking unsweetened green or black tea. Tea may help as it contains antioxidants called polyphenols. These antioxidants work against odour-causing bacteria and help eliminate odours. 

Green tea is usually a great option because it is rich in polyphenols. These polyphenols also act against sulfur compounds.

#2. Yoghurt

6oz cups of unsweetened yoghurt a day can help remove hydrogen sulfide from your mouth and treat bad breath. Yoghurt benefits from the presence of active cultures such as Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

These good bacteria help to improve digestion more than the bad bacteria in your gut. With better digestion, you are less likely to deal with the odour. Yoghurt can also help prevent plaque accumulation, which can help treat odours.

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#3. A cinnamon stick

Looking for deodorant foods? Cinnamon contains an essential oil that kills the bacteria that cause bad breath in your mouth. When you have a hard time pulling out a cinnamon stick, it can help treat your odour. 

You can benefit from the minute or cinnamon gum, but be sure to choose a gum that contains cilantro as it helps to refresh your breath.

#4. Increase your water intake

Drinking more water will prevent dry mouth, which will help keep bacteria from growing in your mouth. Also, it provides food for bacteria to grow from any food particles in your mouth. 

Increasing water also promotes saliva production, which helps keep your mouth clean.

#5. Substitute cheese and milk

If you have cheese in your diet, you are more likely to deal with bad breath. Your body breaks down cheese to get amino acids that can smell like sulfur. When you drink milk, the same happens.

This occurs because cheese is rich in the amino acid methionine, while milk contains a good amount of the amino acid cysteine. When broken down, these amino acids produce a sulfur-like odour, which contributes to the odour.

Therefore, it is important to look for good cheese and milk substitutes. Oat milk or rice milk are two good options. You can also benefit from milk in the A2 range.

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#6. Apples

Some studies have shown that adding apples to your diet can help reduce bad breath, especially when you eat with garlic. In other words, you should consider eating an apple after eating a garlic-heavy meal to prevent bad breath. 

Apples contain specific polyphenols that break down sulfur compounds and prevent bad breath.

#7. Berry

Berries are also one of the foods that eliminate bad breath. This also applies to melons, citrus fruits and other foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and prevents the bacteria that cause bad breath from growing in your mouth. Regular consumption of berries can also help prevent gum disease.

If you are worried about gingivitis, you should increase your vitamin C intake, which is always a contributing factor to halitosis.

#8. Eat more raw foods

To treat halitosis, you need to include more raw foods in your diet. This means you should eat more celery, carrots and other crunchy fruits and vegetables. 

Go for organic products that provide plenty of fiber to your body, which will help fight odour. Eating raw food can help remove plaque structure and reduce odour.

#9. Add herbs to your diet

You need to include herbs in your diet to maintain your overall health. Sometimes, bad breath is the result of an increase in yeast, heavy metals or other toxins in the body

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Adding herbs to your diet will help flush out these toxins from your body. A good option is annoying to the touch. You can take it raw or brew a cup of tea with annoying tea.

It improves blood flow, purifies your blood, and flushes out toxins from your system. It also simplifies the process of removing uric acid from your body, which also helps to remove odours.

#10. Supplement with zinc

You need to eat some deodorant and increase your zinc intake. You can take a zinc supplement and do it. Zinc is essential for maintaining a bacteria-free mouth, which is why zinc is now an active ingredient in many mouthwash products.

Zinc has antimicrobial properties and works to neutralize harmful germs. In addition to taking a zinc supplement, you can also eat foods such as cocoa, zucchini seeds, pumpkin seeds and organ meats to increase zinc intake.

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