Minnesota Governor Apologizes for Arresting CNN Journalist

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has now apologized to CNN for arresting its journalist, accepting full responsibility for the fear of journalist Omar Jimenez.

Minnesota governor arresting CNN journalist
Minnesota governor apologizes for arresting CNN journalist. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Minnesota governor apologizes for arresting CNN journalist: Demonstrations in Minneapolis went on full-scale riot shortly after a white police officer publicly killed an unarmed black man named George Floyd

A CNN reporter was arrested by police when he was flooded by protesters in the streets, live on television.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has now apologized profusely to CNN, accepting full responsibility for the fear of black journalist Omar Jimenez, who sought to document the escalating violence in Minneapolis.

“I take full responsibility,” Walz said. “There is no reason for anything like this to happen. Immediate calls were made. This is a very public apology to the team: it should not be.”

Walz said at a press conference that spoke to CNN President Jeff Zucker on the phone, saying he “obviously wants to know what happened.” Walz said he values ​​the role of an independent and independent magazine.

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“I’m a teacher by trade,” said the Democratic governor. “And I have newspapers here that show the need to be as transparent as possible in my time as governor. In that, I missed you last night. “

Jimenez, a journalist, was arrested as Minnesota State Patrol officers tried to clear the spot where his group was shooting.

“We need to make sure the press has a safe place to tell the story,” Walz commented, “and I appreciate President Zucker’s invitation. I appreciate his understanding of the situation. He’s incredibly angry. It falls squarely on me.”

During the third day of protest in Minneapolis, a police complex was set on fire, which was later burned to the ground. 

After implementing the National Guard to break up the crowds, Walz sought to balance his demand for discipline with empathy for the demonstrators. “Gray is a symbol of years of pain and generational pain,” he said, recognizing the racist methods that sparked protests. But, he said, “we have to restore order.”

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