5 Unique Things to Do With Your Friends in Egypt

If you are looking for an offensive path on the Nile, continue reading to see what you can do with your friends in Egypt.

things to do in Egypt
Unique things to do in Egypt. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Read about the Unique things to do in Egypt: Are you planning to go to Egypt and do a pyramid and a camel tour? You and everyone.

If you are looking for an offensive path on the Nile, continue reading to see what things you can do with your friends in Egypt!


The papyrus plant growing on the banks of the Nile was harvested and used as a paper form in ancient Egypt. Today, instead of buying a souvenir, you can use the papyrus plant to make your own! Go to Giza and attend the Papyrus Preparation Workshop

After the travel cost – which is about $6 – and you will truly be immersed in Egyptian history.

Deep-sea swimming (scuba diving)

You didn’t expect scuba diving in Egypt, did you? Go to the city of Hurghada on the shore of the Red Sea. Here, you can see the crystal clear water and coral reefs. 

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If you do not wish to sink beneath the Red Sea, go to the Hurghada Fisheries instead and look at the various wildlife that makes up the local ecosystem.

Berber culture

Berber culture is native to North Africa and parts of western Egypt and is quite different from mainstream Egyptian culture. 

The Berber people have a rich history full of fascinating customs, so if you want to see their lifestyle in person, hire a local tour guide to show you around the desert settlement near the Libyan border. (For your safety, don’t try to visit the unsupported Berber community).

City of the Dead

There is a large collection of tombs used by Muslims and Christians for many years outside the city of Minya. There are white cone tombs in this area for kilometres. 

Some find it somewhat strange, but others find peace among the spirits of centuries.

Cruise River

The Nile is the world’s longest river, and its importance has been documented by centuries of historical and religious texts. These days, you can take a trip to the Nile River while eating a good meal, just as Pharaohs did. Choose from a variety of options, from an affordable one-day trip to a multi-day luxury tour. 

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After a day on this beautiful river, there can be no denying that the price is worth it.

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