Nigeria’s Chocolate City, Warner Music Group signs Major Partnership Deal

Audu Maikori, CEO of Chocolate City Group
Audu Maikori, CEO of Chocolate City Group

The new partnership between chocolate city music and the Warner Music Group (WMG) has been signed, reports Billboard.

The new deal, announced on Thursday, tells artists from Chocolate City that they will be part of the WMG repertoire, and that the company is supported by the distribution and performance services, through ADA.

The new deal states that Warner Music Group (WMG) will also invest financially in Chocolate City to advance its quest to develop local talent.

Audu Maikori, CEO of Chocolate City Group, said in a statement:

At Chocolate City, we have always been passionate about discovering and developing the best talent across Africa and providing them with a platform for global growth.

The partnership with Warner Music Group is unique in the sense that our clients get the best of both worlds – curated and bespoke services by a highly experienced team across Africa and a dedicated global team to further push their music and their brands.

WMG Executive VP Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Alfonso Perez Soto also said on the deal:

Nigeria’s music scene is so rich and diverse that we need to develop tailor – made entrepreneurial strategies.

At the same time, we will keep in mind the lessons learned from other emerging markets, such as Latin America, where we successfully broke local artists globally.

We have great affinity with the creative and ambitious approach of Chocolate City and we are excited about the role of Warner in bringing to life their vision of taking their music worldwide.

The new deal does not change the leadership of Chocolate City Music as co – founders Maikori and Paul Okeugo will continue to lead the company along with executive vps Jude (M.I.) Abaga and Aibee Abidoye.

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