Visit Accra – The African City of Contrasts

The Black star Square in Accra, Ghana. Photot/Wikipedia
The Black star Square in Accra, Ghana. Photo/Wikipedia

Visit Accra, Ghana’s primate city, combines traditional with modern architecture. Accra is also a major commercial city, a melting pot of cultures.

The city has plenty of attractions, including sparkling beaches, beautiful museums, monuments, traditional markets and dynamic nightlife, from natural beauty to the historical and man – made attractions.

Accra was never a vacation destination, such as Bangkok, Singapore and Los Angeles. However, in smaller towns, the city is best to see if you want to discover history, old architects and people’s lifestyles.

The city’s rich culture and colorful festivals will impress you. Book flights to Accra from any part of the world and take a break from the metropolises ‘ chaotic lifestyle.

Good travel companies like Jumia can help you easily book flights to and from Accra, Ghana. Accra’s major airport is Kotoka International Airport located 6 miles (10 km) north of downtown.

Taxis and bus services are easily available to travel in the city from the airport.

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Accra is a contrasting city. If you think the city has only shanty towns then you’ve only visited one side of the city. 

You definitely should visit the eastern side of the city to find all the luxury hotels, embassies and stunning residential areas.

Likewise, the city is very different from the architectural beauty it offers. You will be surprised at the modern sky scrapers on one side, where old traditional buildings are to be found on the other.

Kotoka International Airport located 6 miles (10 km) north of downtown. File Photo
Kotoka International Airport located 6 miles (10 km) north of downtown. File Photo

Why visit Accra, Ghana?

Accra is known for its vast natural lagoon of the Atlantic Ocean, which excites visitors.

The beaches of the city will help you overcome the heat of summer. The cool sparkling water is there to swim and dive, and enjoy. Among the tourists, Ada Paradise Beach is very popular.

The city’s architecture reflects the city’s colonial history. It is beautiful to watch the castles of the 17th century standing along the modern skyscrapers.

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The Independence Square, the National Museum and the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum are interesting attractions you shouldn’t miss.

Do not forget to visit Accra Zoo and Shai Resource Reserve when traveling with your children. It’s fun to explore the city on your own.

If you want to travel within the country, book Accra for cheap flights and take advantage of other cities of the country.

The city’s nightlife looks dull on weekdays, but on weekends it’s fun to visit clubs and pubs that make your legs shake with locals.

Book flights to visit Accra and discover the city of contrasts for all this fun and much more.

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