Shift Lock Release Button: What It Means And How To Use It

When the shift lock release button is not pushed in completely, the car may not be able to shift the car in the next gear.

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People who are accustomed to either type of transmission may feel uncomfortable driving a car with a different transmission. PHOTO via @ScannerAnswers

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA — The shift lock release mechanism on an automatic transmission car is a button, located next to the gear lever, and the mechanism works very differently from the one on a manual transmission.

It is probably for this reason that people used to either type of transmission find it difficult to drive a vehicle with another type of transmission.

What is a shift lock release button and why is it used?

The shift lock release button is a safety feature

The Shift Lock Release button is designed to release the rear shift lever if it fails to do so properly, to prevent the car from moving when the clutch is engaged, or if the clutch pedal is released at the wrong time. 

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This will prevent the vehicle from moving, or moving while the clutch pedal is pressed. 

The car cannot shift if the clutch is released when the throttle is depressed and the gas pedal is depressed, and the next gear is selected. 

You can tell if you are in the wrong gear or if you are missing the shift lock button because you will only be able to move the gearshift with the gas pedal.

How to use the shift lock release button in your car

For some vehicles, this is a simple button. If the car has this button, you can simply push the button and the gear shift in the car shifts. 

If the car has it as a separate button, you need to press and hold the button for 5 seconds before shifting the car. If the shift lock button has not been pushed in completely and the car is in drive gear, you will notice that the engine will not shift to the next gear. 

You should release the shift lock button first, and then give a quick push towards the gear lever until you hear a clicking sound. The shift lock release button has not been released. 

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The car should shift into the gear that has not been driven yet. If the shift lock button is released completely, it is not clear what would happen if you try to press the shift lock button again.

How does the car know when to stop shifting?

Press the Shift Lock release button completely, and the shift lights will be on indicating the selected gear. As soon as the lights are off, the car will shift to the next gear automatically. 

Preventing The Car From Shifting Is Simple, No? The first way to stop the car from shifting is by pressing the Shift Lock release button fully. 

And the second way is by pressing the release button halfway. The message, “may shift lock,” would pop up. However, this is a minor mistake that would eventually lead to major difficulties. And that’s what Shift Lock is designed for. 

So here are few things that can happen if you press the release button halfway: It means the car is not prepared to shift, and therefore, it can shift into the gear of its own accord.

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What are some other symptoms that could happen if the shift lock release button isn’t pushed incompletely?

Shifting before a downshift would result in a clutch slip and possibly drag on the transmission’s gearbox. A snap that can occur in the actuation of a downshift. The clutch retraction may be unpredictable and unpredictable. 

The aforementioned symptoms may occur intermittently when shifting in the last two gears of a six-speed manual transmission.


There are many more adjustments and works, that you can use to deal with this issue, but we will discuss only a few of them here. 

So, we recommend you to go to a reliable professional mechanic to have a detailed explanation of these if you are not comfortable with the controls. The job is done well by every mechanic.

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