The Keto Recipes: Everything You Need to Know

The best way to find low carb recipes for a keto diet is to just type in “keto recipes” in your favorite search engine, and you will see tons of options.

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A keto diet plan is easy to follow, just type “keto recipes” into whichever search engine you use and you’ll find tons of options. PHOTO via @YouTube/26 March 2021

Everyone these days is talking about low carb diets. We’ve all heard about Atkins and South Beach and the millions of people who have followed these diets that have lost weight and increased their fitness.

But what’s the big deal about keto recipes for the keto diet? How can one make meals taste yummy and at the same time help you lose weight?

Well, keto recipes for Atkins or South Beach diets are simple but delicious and can be the cornerstone of your diet plan. No matter whether you’re just trying it out for health reasons or whether you’re diving into the keto diet because of hunger pangs, we’ve gathered together some of the best keto recipes for today and some of the more popular side dish recipes as well!

It’s easy to find low carb recipes for a keto diet plan, just type in “keto recipes” in your favorite search engine and you will be sure to find tons of options.

If you’re using the Atkins diet plan, make sure you stay away from lots of starchy vegetables such as potatoes, peas, corn and other grains that have lots of carbs (such as wheat) in them.

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For breakfast, I like to get an early morning cup of coffee. With this particular breakfast, I prefer a nice hot coffee with some decaf and ground coffee. 

For dinner, I usually like to have a salad, baked potato and some steamed green vegetables. Some other good choices for dinner would be some tuna packed in water with some lettuce and mushrooms for a nice source of protein.

Another one of my favorite meals is a Peroxide infused mushroom soup. This is called Peroxide in German depending on where you go in Germany. I like to have this soup on my day off from working so I can enjoy it anytime throughout the week.

For the recipe, you need ten cups of chicken broth, about three dozen cloves of garlic, about four g of dried thyme, about two g of dried red pepper flakes, about two g of dried basil, about four g of sugar-free instant noodles, and a tablespoon of each per serving.

The recipe calls for vegetable broth so if not cooking it yourself, you may substitute it with water instead.

The Peroxide infused mushroom soup has a very mild flavour. Since I like it so much I sometimes add another tablespoon or so of liquid. Most people will add cream to enhance the taste, but I don’t. This dish is also rather cheap to make since it only needs to be cooked for about four to five minutes.

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For a delicious meal, about four servings are good.

There are many different versions of this recipe all over the Internet, so if in doubt go to Google or your favorite search engine and find the one that suits you best.

Another great low carb recipe for you to try is the Baked Beans recipe. This is also a very healthy option that will keep you from spending lots of money on diet products that won’t help you lose weight, or will only do the opposite in giving you a lot of calories and none of the other healthy properties you need.

The beans are chewy, and this is what makes them appealing.

The recipe calls for tomatoes, a can of whole tomatoes, some red onions, and a cup of black beans. There is no need to use a lot of salt or other seasoning so this is a healthy recipe that is also very inexpensive to make as well.

Another delicious low in the fat recipe for you to try is the Cauliflower recipe. While this doesn’t have a lot of calories, the spiciness of the cauliflower is enough to really get rid of any excess fat you may have in your body.

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You will need a can of whole tomatoes, a cup of reduced-fat tomato sauce, some sliced cauliflower, reduced-fat sour cream, and reduced-fat cheddar cheese.

All of these ingredients can be found at the grocery store, and the entire meal will only require about three servings which is perfect for a weekend.

Finally, you might want to consider a recipe for a delicious dessert. Any desserts that are low in calories and have a higher amount of protein and fiber are going to have lots of appeals. One such recipe is a no-calorie chocolate to oatmeal cookies recipe that will have you coming back for more.

With just over two tablespoons of cream and a half of sugar, you can easily see why this is one of the popular joy filled eats. The ingredients are easy to find and all you need to do is bake it and enjoy your new dessert!

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