How Walmart Plus Compares to Amazon Prime: Costs, Release Date, and Subscription

Walmart has officially launched the Walmart Plus but if you check the Walmart Plus landing page, you will still see a “coming soon.”

The Walmart Plus release date is Tuesday, September 15th, and when it launches, the new retail subscription service will be competitive in price and store offers for Amazon Prime.

  • Walmart has officially announced its subscription saving service after many delays.
  • The Walmart Plus price is a bargain of just $98 a year.
  • Walmart sold its Vudu video streaming service to the Fandango company in early 2020.
  • Also, new subscribers can get a free, 15-day Walmart+ trial subscription.

After several reported delays, Walmart, the largest retailer in America, officially announced its money-saving subscription service. 

What is Walmart Plus – it’s beautifully designed as Walmart + – how closely does it compare to Amazon Prime? We are here to explain the annual membership service in detail.

The Walmart Plus price is a bargain of just $98 a year. This pays an annual subscription, but monthly plans for $12.95 per month are also available. Also, new subscribers can get a free, 15-day Walmart+ trial subscription.

This subscription is the first real competitive service for Amazon Prime at Walmart’s strong retail footing in the United States. This is what you need to know about Amazon Prime competitor – Walmart Plus.

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When will it be available?

Although Walmart Plus has officially been launched by Walmart, if you check out the Walmart Plus landing page you will see it coming “soon”. The official announcement date is September 1, as the service will go live on September 15, according to a Walmart press release.

This is a brilliant time because it is expected to lurk before Amazon Prime Day 2020, which is said to have changed in early October this year.

How much does it cost?

It costs $98 per year to become a member of the service. This is lower than Prime, costing $119 a year-to save 21 dollars annually. It is available for between $12.95 a month, reduced the monthly prime price of Amazon by only 4 cents. 

The pros and cons of Walmart Plus

Walmart Plus includes unlimited free deliveries and one-day deliveries and access to initial product deals. It’s a continuation of its unlimited service, and subscribers to that service will automatically see their subscriptions convert to Walmart Plus. 

So far, distributions and online contracts have not been very different between the two services.

However, Walmart Plus has 5,000 stores across the United States that can offer in-store offers, of which 2,700 can deliver shipping speeds in a single day. 

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Offers include discounts on gas at Walmart, Murphy USA, Murphy Express and ultimately Sams Club gas stations. The service also has a member-only scan & go system to scan items with your phone when you shop for a quick update. 

In terms of shopping, Walmart Plus manages to reduce the 15-year-old Amazon Prime subscription and come up with new benefits, not just the Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Kindle equivalents.

Walmart Plus Vs Amazon Prime release date
The Walmart Plus release date is Tuesday, September 15th. PHOTO via @Entertainment Tonight

Walmart Plus Vs Amazon Prime

Walmart Plus Vs Amazon Prime comparison is 15 years in the making because we are waiting to see if anyone can challenge the company owned by Jeff Bezos

Walmart seems to be the only chain large enough to receive Amazon. Others, including Google, have tried and failed for years.

Amazon Prime started in 2005 and the past 15 years has grown worldwide to 150 million members. At the back of that, an appraisal of $1,75 trillion was made available by the online retailer. Walmart is only 419 billion dollars – less than a quarter of the value for Amazon.

However, Walmart is a major overall revenue driver and the largest American employer with incomparable brick and mortar retail operations. Walmart Plus marks a major shift in its backward online and distribution strategy.

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Can I stream movies like Amazon Prime Video?

Unlike Amazon Prime, Walmart + does not offer a streaming entertainment option. 

Walmart sold its Vudu video streaming service to the Fandango company in early 2020; this means that it won’t take Amazon’s Prime Video service into the Prime subscription package. Walmart Plus will not take the lead.

Both services do not have the same features as regards additional benefits.

On Tuesday, Walmart announced that it was merging with Microsoft in an attempt to deregulate US assets of the popular video-sharing app TikTok. It remains to be seen at this point whether Walmart + members will have access to some sort of premium TikTok content in the future.

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