Eddy Kenzo: Edrisah Musuuza’s Life and music career in numbers

Ahead of Eddy Kenzo alias Edrisah Musuuza first-ever Kololo airstrip festival, today we look at his music career in numbers

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Edrisah Musuuza’s Life and music career in numbers

Since the music scene began ten years ago, Eddy Kenzo has been one of Uganda’s most successful music artists with major hits and awards. We’re looking at his music career in numbers.

Eddy Kenzo’s first song, released in 2008 as a collaboration with Mikie Wine titled Yanimba, was a banger that exposed him to the world and he has never looked back.

After being featured on Yanimba, a single released in 2008 by Mikie Wine, Musuuza set up a solo career with the 2010 single “Stamina” and created a base of fans with Ogenda Kunzisa’s early album in 2012, Kamunguluze in 2013 and Sitya Loss in 2014.

Soon afterwards followed a fourth album, Zero to Hero (2016), and a single, “Addicted” (2017).

His song Sitya Loss, the last to reach audiences outside his home continent, won him international recognition, a global hit song that broke the Ugandan YouTube viewership record, making him the first East African artist to win a BET Award of any kind.

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Edrisah Musuuza music career in numbers. Photo/Instagram

In honour of his upcoming festival, this is Edrisah Musuuza’s life and music career in numbers.


In 2008, Edrisah Musuuza started making music using his stage name, Eddy Kenzo.


He released yet another single, “Stamina,” in 2010.


In 2015, Musuuza launched the Eddy Kenzo Foundation, a charitable organization.


Eddy Kenzo received the BET Award for “Viewer’s Choice Best New International Artist” in June 2015.


In March 2018 Kenzo was awarded the “Favorite African Star ” Nickelodeon Kids ‘ Choice Award.


In March 2019 it was announced that Kenzo will be featured in a music video for American singer Chris Brown’s “Back To Love” along with Triplets Ghetto Kids.


Eddy Kenzo announced a music festival, becoming the first Ugandan artist to hold such an event scheduled for March 28th 2020.

Sitya Loss song released in 2014
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