Facebook Updates Its Hate Speech Policy Over Ad Boycott

Facebook has responded to more than a hundred companies and updated its hate speech policy.

What is Facebook hate speech policy
What is Facebook hate speech policy? FILE PHOTO

What is Facebook hate speech policy? Facebook has responded to more than a hundred companies that pulled ads from the social network over the past week. 

  • Facebook to renew its policy of hate speech
  • The new regulations deal with the spread of misinformation
  • Facebook’s new hate speech policy only extends to advertising
  • But Facebook gets 98% of its profits from advertisers

Advertising boycott is an attempt by some of the country’s most important brands, including Coca-Cola and Verizon, to force Facebook to renew its policy of hate speech. Facebook has now announced the first phase of its solution to this issue. 

The new regulations prohibit any advertising that represents hate speech or misleading information about voting.

New policy

Anti-Defamation League, Color of Change, NAACP and other civil rights organizations boycotted Facebook ads for July. Within a week, the cause gained wide traction, attracting more than a hundred of the country’s leading companies. 

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Facebook is now trying to listen to the call to control the spread of hate speech and misinformation.

But Facebook’s new policy only extends to advertising. No personal posts will be censored, and Facebook will try to limit free speech to privilege for those who fear it.

The “Updated policy shall prohibit the claims that ‘the safety of others threatened by people, race, ethnicity, national origin, religious membership, caste, sexual identity or immigration status’, their health or the survival of others.” More regulations will combat advertising that expresses negative feelings about immigrants and refugees.

The new regulations deal with the spread of misinformation. This includes a false report on the coronavirus epidemic, pro-justice protests and voting data. In the interest of public awareness, the site will name unverified posts. 

Also, any post discussing voting will be linked to Facebook’s Voting Information Center.

Report on Facebook

“Facebook means giving people a voice, especially when it means that people who have never had much voice before or are powerless to share their own experiences,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a lengthy post. He hopes his company’s efforts will help users “ultimately get their voice out there – where it matters most.” Zuckerberg referred to the upcoming election and current civil rights movements as triggers for change.

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The world’s largest social media company, which also owns Instagram, has long been accused of rejecting criticism. But Facebook gets 98% of its profits from advertisers. As a result, the boycott has intensified the pressure to spread hateful or false information.

However, Facebook’s “civil rights auditors” Laura W. Schneider have been instrumental in designing the policy update. Zuckerberg praises Murphy and Megan Cacace. In addition, many of the changes “come directly from the feedback of the civil rights community,” he says.

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