Identifying the Cause of Bad Breath and Prescribing Treatment

The presence of bad breath can be treated by a dentist, but some people do not like taking drugs or using oral products in public, so they prefer natural remedies to prescription ones.

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A dentist can prescribe treatments for bad breath, but many people prefer a natural treatment to drugs or oral care products, which is why they prefer using natural ways to reduce bad breath. FILE PHOTO

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA ( — Having bad breath can be embarrassing. Many people who have this condition are constantly conscious of the way they smell and how others perceive them. While there are treatments that can be prescribed by a dentist, many do not like to use drugs or use oral products in public, which is why a natural bad breath treatment is preferred by many.

Bad breath is brought about by foul odour producing bacteria usually multiply in the mouth when you do not brush and floss properly.

When you do not remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums regularly, bacteria build up on the pieces of food stuck in your mouth and on the interdimensional parts of your tongue. The sulfur-based compounds produced by these bacteria produce bad breath.

There are certain foods like onions that also cause bad breath. These food particles are insoluble in certain types of saliva. Saliva is a natural cleansing agent and it removes the food particles from the mouth by bathing in the saliva.

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However, there are instances wherein saliva does not work effectively because of the presence of certain foods like onions. In such cases, the breath smelling problem can be addressed by increasing the amount of saliva production.

Another cause for halitosis includes having garlic breath. You can be sure that a person with garlic breath has large numbers of bacteria and some of these may be pathogenic, which means they can develop immunity to the drugs.

One of the ways to deal with this type of bad breath is to neutralize the bacteria through an antibacterial agent. A high dosage of such an agent may help fight the bacteria.

If you have persistent bad breath despite regularly taking antibacterial treatments, it is possible that you have tonsil stones. Tonsil stones can result from the accumulation of dead cells and protein fragments around the tonsils. Such a condition is commonly known as tonsillitis.

Although they can only be found in people with poor oral hygiene, they are capable of accumulating and causing bad breath.

Therefore, for effective treatment, one must reduce the possibility of having tonsil stones by cleaning the mouth regularly with an antibacterial agent such as mouthwash.

Regular brushing is also a useful way to prevent bad breath. Brushing prevents the proliferation of bacteria in the oral cavity. Oral bacteria are mainly found in the food we eat and in the environment. If the food remains undigested for a period longer than five minutes, it can ferment and release volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) that can irritate the throat, mouth and stomach.

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Some studies have indicated that certain tobacco products can also result in bad breath. These include cigarette smoking, which exposes the smoker’s oral health to toxins such as carbonyl and ammonia. Smoking also weakens the tooth enamel, contributing to cavities and bad breath.

In addition, long-term smokers tend to have gum problems, which can lead to inflammation and infection, two factors that can lead to bad breath.

In order to avoid bad breath, it is important to ensure that the mouth is regularly cleaned. Brushing removes food particles and plaque, as well as odour-causing bacteria. It also stimulates saliva production and eliminates excess food in the stomach. It is important to visit your dentist at least twice a year to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

For tonsillitis and other health conditions, you might need to consult a medical health provider for more appropriate treatment.

If you are suffering from bad breath due to poor dental hygiene or postnasal drip, a dental appliance may be recommended to help eliminate this problem.

A dental implant is used when tooth roots cannot be restored to their original position because of damage or disease. The dental implant holds the tooth roots in an area where they can easily be replaced if damaged.

A variety of dental appliances are available to correct this problem; some of these include:

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Brush with mouthwash

While flossing and using a tongue scraper are very effective ways of keeping your mouth clean, they do not remove food particles and plaque.

In addition, a traditional brush cannot reach all areas of the mouth, such as the back of the throat, between teeth, and around the gums. A wet mouth rinse is recommended to wash away leftover food particles.

Flossing is advised to remove tartar and plaque build-up on the teeth and gums.

However, if you experience dry mouth after brushing and flossing, this could be caused by other factors, such as sinus congestion, medications, dehydration, and rough eating habits. If your dry mouth persists, consult your dentist.

Use mouthwash

Using mouthwash regularly can help you get rid of bad breath. Mouthwash helps get rid of bacteria and odours by sterilizing the mouth. Dentists recommend rinsing the mouth immediately after brushing and before eating dinner.

Some people use mouthwash for a long time, while others only need a little mouthwash in the morning and evening. Use your discretion; too much mouthwash can cause your teeth to look unhealthy.

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