Spotify Introduces Hey Spotify, Voice Command for Premium Listeners

For premium listeners, Spotify has introduced a Hey Spotify wake word, so they can navigate the app hands-free.

lifestyleug.com__Spotify Introduces Hey Spotify for Premium Listeners
Spotify launched a wake word, Hey Spotify, which allows premium users to use their app hands-free. FILE PHOTO/12 April 2021

Spotify has launched the Hey Spotify voice control function on iOS and Android in the US for its premium subscribers.

  • Hey Spotify is now the wake word for Spotify premium users.
  • Last week, the company enhanced its Promo Cards feature following high usage.
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The music streaming platform Spotify announced earlier this week that its Hey Spotify voice control feature is now available for Premium subscribers on iOS and Android.

In the coming weeks, Hey Spotify will be rolled out to more countries. Hey Spotify offers users voice-controlled access to the platform’s music service while they are busy or on their mobile devices.

Users can gain access to the tool by going to ‘Search’, tapping on the microphone icon, and giving Spotify permission to record audio or access your microphone.

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The tool can be activated by going to ‘Search’, tap ‘Microphone’, and allowing Spotify access to record audio.

Hey Spotify means you will be able to access the Spotify voice feature without needing to access it from the Search tab,” the company said.

”If you say, [Hey Spotify], it’ll start listening and continue until it processes your question or request,” Spotify said.

The app will also always tell you when it receives your voice input – with a visual or audio tone in the app. Otherwise, it listens for ‘Hey Spotify’ in short, few-second snatches that are deleted if you don’t say it.”

Hey Spotify provides direct access to Spotify through its voice assistant. Google, Amazon, and more recently Apple have opened up their smart speakers to Spotify and other streaming services. However, users still have to gain access to Spotify through their voice assistants.

Google, Amazon, and Apple have all opened up their smart speakers to Spotify, but users had to still use their voice assistants to access Spotify and other streaming services.

It is part of Spotify’s efforts to enhance its services. Last week, the company enhanced its Promo Cards feature following high usage. The tool was launched in October to make it easier for artists to put together promotional graphics for songs, albums and artist profiles.

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Other updates include a milestone card that artists can use to display their followers’ milestones, ranging from 1 000 to 100 million followers, in addition to chart positions. There is a new badge for artists that shows when the music being promoted was released.

Also, the platform added 30 new playlists that can be turned into promotional cards, provided that the artist has a song on them.

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