5 Most Popular and Proven Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

The internet is full of bad weight loss information, but several natural measures work. Let’s check out 5 of the most effective and fastest ways to lose weight naturally.

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This article discusses five effective ways to lose weight naturally. FILE PHOTO/2 April 2021

On the internet, there is a lot of bad weight loss information. However, there are a few natural methods that work. Today we are going to take a look at five of the most popular and proven ways to lose weight naturally.

1. Intermittent fasting: 

This means eating within a set window of time (typically 8 hours) and fasting for the rest of the day. When people follow this pattern they tend to not feel hungry, eat less food, and lose weight quickly and naturally without much effort

Studies have shown this method is effective for people who want to lose 25 pounds or more in one year.

2. Eat low-carb and avoid the glycemic index: 

High-carbohydrate diets are extremely fattening and lead to a high risk for obesity and heart disease. The way you lose weight is by eating fewer carbs and more fat. This can be accomplished by following a high-fat, low-carb diet

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By avoiding the glycemic index you will have much fewer food cravings throughout the day.

3. Take coconut water fast for 7 days: 

Coconut water is naturally fat burning because it provides sustained energy without any calories or carbohydrates, which allows your body to fast to burn body fat stores. This fast should be taken only once or twice per year so it does not become routine.

4. Take supplements like green tea extract or Garcinia Cambogia:

These are natural supplements that help you lose belly fat. Green tea extract is said to help burn more fat and suppress the appetite, while garcinia Cambogia may help suppress your appetite and increase your body’s ability to burn stored fat.

5. Eat foods with little to no fructose: 

Studies have shown that consuming high levels of fructose leads to weight gain and belly fat over time. The best way to avoid this is by avoiding foods that contain high fructose corn syrup or cane sugar (soda, candy, etc).

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This list is not exhaustive, but it includes several methods that have been proven through studies and scientific research. Green tea and Garcinia Cambogia have been proven to work. 

Intermittent fasting will rapidly kick-start your weight loss and help you lose 25 pounds or more in a year. Finally, lowering carbohydrates leads to a fat-burning, healthy metabolism that will help you lose belly fat. These are the best ways to lose weight naturally.

These supplements below are all clinically proven to have weight loss effects. They are based on some of the most effective natural ingredients available on the market today. 

The green tea and Garcinia Cambogia supplement pair nicely with intermittent fasting.

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