Why Is Weight Loss a Different Challenge Between Genders

Why is weight loss a different challenge between men and women? Continue reading to see in details.

weight loss a different challenge
Weight loss challenge. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Why is weight loss a different challenge between men and women? Have you ever noticed that when a woman starts a weight loss regimen with her husband or boyfriend, he loses weight a lot faster than she does? Seems unfair.

Most health magazines now encourage women to lose weight with other women, because some biological differences can differentiate the path to physical health for men and women.

Why is weight loss a different challenge between men and women? Continue reading to see in details.

The power of testosterone

Men naturally produce more testosterone. This hormone is responsible for many of the physical attributes we attribute to men like facial hair and Adam’s apple. 

High testosterone levels lead to excessive lean muscle mass in the body. This extra muscle gives men a naturally faster metabolism than females.

When men exercise, they burn sugar-burning machines and convert excess fat into sugar (fuel). Exercise also increases testosterone production, which leads to more muscle and more fat burning. The cycle continues.

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All of this explains why it is easier for men to build bigger, hulking muscles. This explains why some men prefer to grow their muscles faster and use synthetic testosterone. (We do not advise it). But the leading step is that women are more capable of increasing muscle mass than men.

The power of estrogen

Estrogen is a hormone found in women and a female counterpart to testosterone in men. It triggers important processes in a woman’s body, such as menstruation and pregnancy. Because estrogen is made from fat, women cannot produce hormone unless they have fat in their body.

As a result, the female body naturally tries to preserve fat as a means of preserving estrogen production. When women try to lose fat, they may find themselves hitting a wall because they are reluctant to give up on what the body considers to be an essential feature, especially around the thighs and hips.

Some people will do whatever it takes to burn fat that is considered geeky, and there is no reason for bad mouths to burn estrogen. These fat women have the power to nurture and give birth!

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Losing fat = better health?

There are lots of nutrition advice on the web, and some have filtered out this simple formula for weight loss: Low cholesterol = excellent health

Unfortunately, evolution is more complicated than that.

For males, fat accumulates around their internal organs. This is called visceral cholesterol and is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

In contrast, fat under the skin for women does not contribute to any of those problems. Estrogen is also responsible for keeping blood vessels healthy, which is why post-menopausal women have more frequent heart attacks than pre-menopausal women

So, if you want men to reduce fat quickly, remember, women’s cardiovascular systems are an advantage.

Big picture

What does all of this mean for weight loss? And Why is weight loss a different challenge between genders? For men, it is important to monitor your heart health in addition to changing your diet and exercise regimen. 

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As for women, if you are losing weight with a male partner you have to manage your expectations. You may not shed pounds at the same rate, but that’s OK.

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