Quantum Dominance: How Supercomputers Will Improve Everyday Life

Quantum Supercomputers in everyday life
How Supercomputers Will Improve Everyday Life. PHOTO/Shutterstock

Quantum Supercomputers, on the other hand, can create more complex encryption forms, and ultimately make passwords more robust.

While this may sound like the stuff of dystopian science fiction, quantum domination is a real milestone for a Supercomputers. This is achieved when a processor performs a calculation in a matter of seconds to a normal computer.

Google recently claimed that its 54-quid Sycamore processor achieved quantum domination when it cracked a calculation in 200 seconds, which would have taken the world’s leading supercomputers 10,000 years.

While Google’s announcement may be controversial by some, it is worth looking into what real-life applications of such quantum domination can be.

Cracking passwords

Currently, any hacker or company that tries to use brute force on an encrypted password may waste years trying to gain access. But quantum computers have the potential to get a rough entrant in a few seconds, which avoids encryption as we know it.

Quantum computers, on the other hand, can create more complex encryption forms, and ultimately make passwords more robust.

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Drug Design

Currently, to see the effects of a drug, scientists must assemble the molecule and look at its interactions with other molecules. It takes a lot of trial and error time and resources. But quantum Supercomputers can design and run simulations of drug interactions in record time.

While it saves researchers time and money, it can save lives in the log stream – as the life expectancy of life-saving drugs can be drastically reduced – there must be an epidemic.

Artificial intelligence

The ability to solve the complex problems of a quantum computer in just a few seconds promises to increase the development of artificial intelligence, which must process the data at lightning speed to achieve its true potential.


Business and risk assessment involves large-scale models and simulations, and quantum computers have the potential to give investors a great edge.

For example, the Monte Carlo simulation, which displays the impact of risk and uncertainty on an investment, can be drawn in a matter of seconds by quantum supercomputers.

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Climate Modeling

Earth is a complex ecosystem composed of hundreds of small systems. Mapping the connections and synergistic relationships between them is a tall order. This complexity makes it difficult for current climate models to be accurate.

With quantum computing, we can create more accurate models that can handle more variables, which can give us a better idea of ​​how to realistically slow or reverse the effects of climate change.

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