5 Travel Destinations to Visit Where US Dollars Goes Far

Travel Destinations to Visit Where US Dollars
Travel Destinations Where US Dollars go far. Photo/Shutterstock

South Africa, Taiwan, Malaysia and Ukraine listed among the 5 travel destinations to go for a cheap and safe vacation where US Dollars goes far

One of the best ways to save money is to go somewhere where you can buy more for every dollar you spend.

There are two main choices: developing countries or countries that have recently experienced some sort of economic crisis. 

However, there is a hidden 3rd choice. Some countries have lower living costs than the United States. In this list, we offer you some travel destinations to go for a cheap and safe vacation where the US Dollars goes far.

To separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ll look at the following countries. 

  1. Taiwan
  2. Malaysia
  3. Ukraine
  4. South Africa
  5. Czech Republic

Without further delay, Let’s look in detail at the above-mentioned travel destinations.


For $6 you can buy a full breakfast for 3 people. Night markets, day markets, local boutique shops, and family-owned businesses serve to eat and drink at a fraction of the cost in the United States.

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Taxis are so cheap, it doesn’t even make sense to call Uber

If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a moped and go to the island for less than a few hundred dollars. To make the entire trip more cost-effective, search Google for cheap flights tickets.


Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is about skyscrapers and big city life. You can book a 5-star hotel for less than $100 a night and eat a whole meal for a few dollars (or cents!). 

Malaysia is also a multilingual and multicultural country with most English- and Malay-speaking people. Most of the Chinese people in Malaysia also speak 6 to 7 dialects. 

For an adventure outside the city, take the train up to Penang and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of Southeast Asia.


Ukraine is notorious for manoeuvring at this time. But that is not its whole story. Do you hate the cost of eating at a restaurant in the Michelin Star?. If so, pack your bags and go to Ukraine! 

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Although it is often known that there are cheaper programmers these days, this Eastern European country has some of the finest restaurants in the world.

The quality is just as good as anything you can find in New York City. 

Try Oysters and Caviar Under $20. Order the chef’s tasting menu and spend less than $100. Make sure you take lots of pictures of your food, which are priceless.

South Africa

South Africa is growing in popularity, with celebrities like Trevor Noah and Charlize Theron coming from this African country. Rooms in Airbnb are cheaper than you would ever imagine. 

You can easily rent a 1 bedroom penthouse in a luxury building for as little as $25 a night. Besides affordable housing, there are affordable restaurants and nightlife. 

You can easily go to the mountains around Cape Town for hiking and other outdoor adventures.

10 best places to visit in South Africa

The Czech Republic

Do you want a basic, golden lacquer? Then go to the Czech Republic for the cheapest, quality lager in the world. The Czech Republic drinks more beer than any other country in the EU. 

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For a few euros, you can order several rounds of beers and shades. Once you’ve celebrated the money you will save on this trip, head to Prague.

There are old churches, bridges and buildings that date back centuries before America existed. 

When you’re tired of walking, grab some guava lash, svacova and grilled cheese at the local hospoda (it’s a pub check) to end the day.

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