Twitter Allows Employees to Work From Home Indefinitely

Twitter has taken a drastic step by announcing that it will allow employees to work from home.

Twitter Allows Employees to Work From Home
Twitter offers to make it’s employees work from home. PHOTO/Shutterstock

Work from home: Twitter has taken a drastic step by announcing that it will allow workers to choose whether they want to return to office after the infection has ended.

As the world of business operations is undergoing a fundamental change, Twitter’s offer to make employees work from home indefinitely is a series of similar announcements.

Twitter is responding to waves of change

Several startup companies that closed physics offices in response to the COVID-19 epidemic are part of California’s large technology industry.

In addition to closing its doors early in the crisis, Twitter was one of the first companies to block work travel in the midst of a national outbreak.

Fellow tech companies Google and Facebook have already announced that their employees will be working away from home this year, but Twitter first confirmed that there will be no mandatory closing date for the remote work.

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Work from Home Report on Twitter

Jack Dorsey, an Internet entrepreneur, who founded both Twitter and Square, said only a handful of Twitter employees would have to return to office after the lockdown was removed because of the nature of their work.

But for most of his company’s employees, starting from home as a temporary job has proven to be a hindrance to the day-to-day operations of the company.

“If our employees are in a role and situation, they help them work from home, and if they continue to do so, we will do it,” Jennifer Christie, Twitter vice president of people, wrote in a statement.

“Otherwise, when we feel that it is safe to return, with some extra precautions, our offices will be warm and welcoming.” The report continued, “It will be our decision to open offices. When and where our employees return, be theirs. “

Twitter noted that the company’s eventual reopening will be done gradually and cautiously.

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The restart will take place on an office-by-office basis, after which the business will not be the same and the company will adjust to physical distance. The gradual restart will not be released until at least September.

Twitter’s move provides a hint of what the business landscape will look like in the post-epidemic world. The spread of COVID-19 and its associated security measures have demonstrated how business leaders can be productive from home.

Adjustment for staff may have been difficult or embarrassing on an individual level, with many companies not reporting a significant change in productivity.

This collective realization can change drastically as we know the business structure.

The ability to work remotely and virtually meet people can greatly reduce operational costs, curtail expensive business travel, lead to savings in commercial real estate and reduce operating time for those who still need to show up.

The cultural impact of moving to remote work is equally seismic.

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Ensuring that the dynamics of homes with many long-distance workers are changing and that physical workplaces make secondary contributions to the economy by providing customers in public transport to nearby restaurants and customers.

For the time being, Twitter seems to be taking a proactive leap to embrace a new economic reality. It will be interesting to see which companies follow their lead.

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