Zoom Addresses More Concerns about Security

Zoom Addresses More Concerns about Security
Alex Stamos to help fix Zoom security issues. Uploaded by Shutterstock

Zoom has announced that Alex Stamos, the former security chief of Facebook, is working with Zoom to help fix its privacy issues.

Zoom, a remote conferencing service, makes it easy for users to access security features.

The company has come under fire as its list of privacy concerns has become clearer as people flock to service in response to the epidemic.

The need to work from home and spend virtual time with friends and family has led to the rise of security concerns, particularly “Zoombombing”, which the company is now working hard to solve.

New security icon

In a general response to the issue, Zoom announced this Wednesday, “We know that the various security systems in the Zoom Client have been very useful and very scattered… [Adding a continuous security icon helps enhance some of the default zoom security features and interfaces in your profile settings.” Zoom allows users to take quick action to prevent erosion. “

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Fighting Zoombombing

Zoombombing refers to encountering interruptions, in which a hacker enters a random zoom call and post spam or inappropriate material.

Given the key nature of many zoom meetings, including corporate meetings, elementary school classes, and virtual alcohols anonymous sessions, the issue is particularly serious.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson succumbs to jumping after releasing a screenshot of a zoom meeting that exposed the secret government invitation ID.

Anyone can join the meeting if they have this secret number. One of the new security features includes hiding the appointment ID from the menu bar.

Fixing the biggest surge in users

Zoom has also announced that Alex Stamos, the former security chief of Facebook, is working with Zoom to help fix its privacy issues.

Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, said he never thought the company’s service would be so widely used.

Over the past three months, the number of zoom users has grown from 10 million to 200 million daily active users.

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Yuan says,

“We were focusing on commercial enterprise customers. However, we should have thought about ‘what if some end-user started using zoom for non-commercial business’, maybe for family gatherings, online weddings … risks, misuse, we never thought about it.”

Yuan’s response again reveals the naivety of the tech executives who rely too much on our modern society.

He sounds like Mark Zuckerberg, who has no clue about the possibility of using it after he compromised his Facebook site.

The fact that Yuan has hired a former Facebook security person has raised concerns.

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