Cafe Javas Reacts to Viral Video Showing Dead Rat in a Milkshake

Cafe Javas has issued a statement regarding a video containing a dead rat in a milkshake served at one of its Kampala branches.

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An angry customer gets a milkshake containing a dead rat at the classy cafe Javas in the video. PHOTO via @TWITTER

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA ( — The restaurant chain Cafe Javas has responded to the viral video showing its Kampala branch serving a customer with a milkshake that contained a dead rat.

  • Cafe Javas says a viral video showing a dead rat in a customers milkshake is ‘blackmail’.
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As heard in the video, a female customer complains and wonders how a classy restaurant such as Cafe Java could serve her a milkshake that contained a dead rat.

“This is a rat I found in my milkshake from Cafe Javas, yeah the people we feel so proud of and they tell me to have this worked upon, I need to get a lawyer.” the customer said.

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“This is a rat I found in my milkshake at Cafe Javas.” said the customer.

She posted the video of the discovery she said was disgusting on social media; the video went viral on the web sparking a debate on whether it was authentic or not.

First, Cafe Javas remained tight-lipped regarding the incident that took place on Tuesday.

Cafe Javas management, however, denied the accusations in a statement it released Friday, calling them ‘malicious’ and aimed at tarnishing the brand’s image.

In the opinion of the restaurant, the Oreo and Caramel milkshakes served to the customer satisfied the restaurant’s ‘high’ standard protocols of food safety and hygiene and did not contain any signs of adulteration.

According to Javas, the customer attempted to blackmail the restaurant for monetary gain.

“A quick investigation including a review of our CCTV footage of the preparation and service of the milkshake confirmed that there was no adulteration of the milkshake. The customer was duly informed of the findings to which by threatening to circulate a video of her version of events if she was not paid a certain sum of money” reads in part Javas’ statement.

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Café Javas believes the allegations are untrue, in bad faith, and aimed at bringing its business into disrepute. Cafe Javas notes that distortion of its logo was also a result of the video.

“in this particular incident, there was no error on our part, either in preparation, presentation or serving of the milkshakes. It is therefore unacceptable for one to tarnish our otherwise good image and undermine the hard work and dedication of our staff.”

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