How to Make Yourself Wet For Foreplay – Here Are the Secrets You’ve Been Looking For

How to make yourself wet for foreplay is all about finding something that will excite you so much that you’ll want to stay wet for hours. 

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Foreplay is one of the most important aspects of having great sex. PHOTO via @YOUTUBE/10 December 2020

Are you sick and tired of not being able to last long enough in bed to satisfy your partner? Do you want to make your sex life more exciting and pleasurable for both you and your partner? It is time that you learned how to make yourself wet for foreplay, so pay attention and follow these tips below.

#1. Touch your sensitive and inner parts

Find and touch your sensitive and inner parts of the genitals, your vagina, and your clitoris to learn how to make yourself wet for foreplay. Try using both the palm of your hand and both the fingers on different parts of your body to see which feels better.

Stimulating your clitoris will result in harder erections while stimulating your vagina will result in an easier, more relaxed, and quicker orgasm. You can also stimulate each other by rubbing your genital parts with your fingers and foreplay toys.

Remember, foreplay is the most important step of lovemaking, so start it right away.

#2. Try taking a shower

Next, try taking a shower. Your genital parts need to be stimulated for you to reach climax quickly. It is best to do this while taking a warm shower because hot water opens up your pores, making it more comfortable for you.

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While taking a shower, rub your anus gently with the side of a sponge. You can start at the base of your tail, moving outward to your anus.

#3. Try sexual stimulation products

Also, take advantage of a lot of different sexual stimulation products that are available in the market today. 

There are many soft and easy to use things that you can use to pleasure yourself, especially when you’re trying to reach a new level in bed.

A lot of people believe that masturbation is enough to get them in the mood, but this is not always the case. If you want to learn how to make yourself wet, there are a lot of things to get hold of in the market today.

#4. Use lotions and creams

Some of these things are very affordable, such as lotions and creams. You can even try to add some lubricant on your fingertips by using some baby oil. When you’re done, you can rub your clitoris with your fingertips.

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As you feel yourself getting more aroused, you can start rubbing your vaginal lubrication all over your body, including your anus. This will get you in the mood faster and more efficiently.

#5. Try masturbating

How to make yourself stay wet for sex is not only limited to taking a bath. You can also try masturbating until you reach a climax. Once you’re about to come, you can then do the two things I mentioned earlier-rub your vaginal lubricant on your clitoris and stimulate your vagina.

To do this, all you have to do is to use your thumb to make circles over your labia. If you want to make the process easier, you can even stimulate yourself while watching TV or when listening to music.

What is Foreplay?

Foreplay is one of the most important aspects of having great sex. It involves spending some time making each other happy and pleasurable with everything from romantic kisses to soft massages. 

However, if you want to enjoy it, even more, you can increase your chances of enjoying it by making the foreplay long and exciting.

The more you continue foreplay, the more you will get in the mood, and the better the results will be when you finally do have sex.

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How to make yourself wet for foreplay is all about finding something that will excite you so much that you’ll want to stay wet for hours. 

Many women are afraid that if they don’t learn how to please themselves during foreplay that it will somehow take the place of having great sex. This is a very common misunderstanding about foreplay, however.

Foreplay has its benefits and it is not something you should avoid because you’re afraid of losing it. No matter how many times we say we’re not going to do something, it tends to sneak up on us anyway. 

Keep on trying new things, and you’ll definitely learn how to make yourself wet for foreplay.

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