Meet the Organizer of the Infamous Kireka Sex Party, Anita Kayz

The organizer of the Kireka sex party was identified as Anita Kayz and is now running according to a police report on Monday.

anita kayz organizer kireka sex party
According to a report by the Police on Monday, the Kireka sex party organizer has been identified as Anita Kayz. FILE PHOTO

Preliminary investigations have revealed that Anita Kayz was the organizer of the infamous Kireka sex party. Anita is famous for enrolling girls from many parts of the country and dressing them up for sex parties.

  • Investigations are still going on for 16-year-old who has been sexually disturbed by 4 men.
  • She told police she had entered the ring to earn 10K per client and was not paid by men instead.
  • The teenager was brought from Masaka by their elder sister according to the police investigator.
  • Luke Owoyesigyire said the girl was sold by the elder sister to a female named Anita Kayz.
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What happened

Police in Kampala says 21 sex offenders who went missing on Sunday during an infamous sex party in Kireka are appearing in court today.

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They all had erotic and nude trans night sex in the locked bar called Towers Bar and Lodge, party code with alcohol and drugs in Kireka, Kira Municipality.

They were netted around midnight after police were notified that sex games had begun and were involved in an action game.

Police released an update Monday, where ringleader and event organizer Anita Kayzwho lives in Kireka, is currently on the run, and she is working with another woman identified as Panadol, who lives in Kawaala.

The Towers Bar and Lodge is said to be owned by Asiimwe Swaziru, a businessman operating from Wakiso and Mukono districts.

Luke Owoyesigirye, the Metropolitan Spokesperson, told a press conference today that all of them were brought before the courts on several charges.

The charges include; Disobedience to legal orders, careless acts that could lead to the spread of infection, indecent practices, promoting trafficking, prostitution and running a brothel.

According to Owoyesigirye, they were overcrowded in a small space, posted nude pictures online, advertised a sex party, and engaged in prostitution by charging participants 50,000 shillings VIP and 30,000 shillings normally.

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He also disclosed that Atushimire Sharon and her husband are currently being hunted for operating a brothel because they offered the building too knowledgeably of the illicit practices to be done.

He also revealed that Atushimire Sharon and her husband are being hunted by police for the use of a brothel because they offered their building too well knowledge of the illicit practice to take place there.

The 16-year-old girl

He said that investigations are still ongoing concerning the 16-year-old who was sexually disturbed by 4 men after her aunt sent her to the party, although her story is very incompatible.

She said she went into the sexual ring to earn ten thousand shillings per client and told police that she was used by 4 men for no pay instead.

The girl told the police that she and the 14-year-old sister were taken by her Auntie Prossy Nabukenya, who is currently in police custody. Adding the two went to prostitution after they began to live with her.

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The teenager was brought by her oldest sister from Masaka, according to investigators of the police, under the impression that she had obtained a job for her in Kampala.

lifestyleug.com_Towers Bar and Lodge
Towers Bar and Lodge is said to be owned by Asiimwe Swaziru

Speaking during the investigations, Luke Owoyesigire, deputy spokesman of Kampala’s metropolitan police, said the girl was sold to a woman named Anita Kayz, the organizer of the Kireka Sex Party by the elder sister.

They added a trafficking charge for the suspects according to Owoyesigyire.

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