Janzi Awards 2021: All the Nominees

Here’s everything you need to know about the first-ever Janzi Awards ceremony set for 11th and 12th December in 2021.

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Sylvia Owori, a chairperson of the Janzi Award organizing committee, said that they had received over 75000 applications but had reduced this number to 300 from which the winners will be announced this month. FILE PHOTO

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA ( https://lifestyleuganda.com/) — The nominees for the inaugural Janzi Awards ceremony have been announced, and it will take place on 11 and 12 December 2021. Here is all you need to know.

  • See the complete list of nominated artists for the Janzi Awards 2021 below.
  • H.E. Yoweri Museveni will be the Guest of Honor at the 2021 Janzi Awards.
  • The awards recognize the creative industry’s role in creating jobs/contributing to the economy.
  • Check out the 2021 Buzz Teenz Award nominees: Azawi and Fik Fameica.

Uganda’s Cultural, Creative, and Performing Arts forms will be recognized and celebrated in the Janzi Awards, which aim to provide an opportunity for learners to discover and celebrate excellence, innovation, and diversity.

Awards are named after James Ssewakiryanga’s creation, the Janzi Instrument, a string instrument.

The instrument takes its name from ‘Ejjanzi’, the Luganda word for grasshopper, whose spirit and natural form are reflected in the instrument’s appearance and feel.

During a star-studded event at the Sheraton Hotel gardens on Friday evening, 300 nominees were revealed as the final list in the first-ever Janzi Awards.

The chairperson of the organising committee for the Janzi Awards 2021, Sylvia Owori, said they received over 75000 submissions before reducing them to 300, from which the winners will be announced this month.

The awards, she explained, celebrate the creative industry and its role in creating employment as well as its significance to the economy.

“These awards were the result of the Gulu arrangements (where musicians visited Gen Saleh), but they are also a testament that government stands ready to support this industry, and that Government now pays attention to us,” she said.

“These awards resulted from the Gulu arrangements (in which musicians visited Gen Saleh) but also proves that the government has finally openly supported this industry.,” Owori said.

In total, over 90 awards will be awarded in various categories spanning key domains in the industry, including:

  1. Music
  2. Performing Arts
  3. Collecting Societies
  4. Film & Video
  5. Visual Arts & Crafts
  6. Books & Publishing
  7. Software & Innovations
  8. Cultural & National Heritage
  9. Support Services

Janzi Awards 2021 winners will be announced on December 11-12 at the Kololo Independence Grounds, where President Yoweri Museveni will be the Guest of Honor.

The full list of nominees for the Janzi Awards 2021 is as follows


Male Artist of the Year

  • Pallaso (Malamu)
  • Eddy Kenzo (Weekend)
  • Fik Fameica (Buligitta)

Female Artist of the Year

Outstanding Album of the Year

Outstanding Song of the Year

  • Mudra (Muyaayu)
  • Mr.Eezzy (Tumbiiza Sound)
  • Pallaso (Malamu)
  • Pia Pounds (Tupaate)

Outstanding Kadongokamu Artist (Male)

  • Willy Mukabya (Beera Mugumu)
  • JB Byekwaso (Ekirooto Kya Kafero)
  • Sekabira Moses (Nanfuka)

Outstanding Kadongokamu Artist (Female)

  • Josephine Ndagire (Teri Musajja W’omu)
  • Jackie Kizito (DNA)
  • Madina Nakiwala (Rasta Woman Omubanda)

Emerging Artist Award

  • Mudra (Muyaayu)
  • Zex Bilangilangi (Nalinda)
  • Mr.Eezzy (Tumbiiza Sound)

Outstanding Live Band

  • Zawee Band
  • Abeeka Band
  • Janzi Band
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Outstanding Dance Hall Artist

  • Vyper Ranking (Kululwo)
  • Cindy Sanyu (Boom Party)
  • Ziza Bafana (Mbuzi)

Outstanding Hip Hop Artist

  • Flex De Paper (Mbikwaasa Gwe)
  • Tucker Hd (Leagues & Levels)
  • Ffe Ffe Busi (Gamba Chwii)

Songwriter Award

  • Liam Voice (Omwoyo)
  • Nince Henry (Body)
  • Daddy Andre (Andele)

Outstanding Dance Group

  • Fire K Stars Dancers (Weekend)
  • Kampala Junior Team Dancers (Weekend)
  • Masaka Kids Africana (Tweyagale)

Outstanding Video Award

  • Pallaso (Naloonda Ne mala)
  • Bebe Cool (Wire Wire)
  • Pia Pounds (Tupaate)

Outstanding Western Artist

  • Ray G (Eizooba)
  • Planet Aaron (Organic Manure)
  • Omega 256 (Deep in Love)

Outstanding Eastern Artist

  • Rody Gavana (Akello)
  • Lanisha Jovia (Mwirinde)
  • Karah Gloria (Ijo Amina ngo)

Outstanding Northern Artist

  • Evy Treyz (Blessings)
  • Judas Rap Knowledge (Joni)
  • Profesa Maros (Centre)

Outstanding Faith Based Musician

  • Zoe Melodies (Greater Love)
  • Joseph Generation (Embraced)
  • Levixone (Chikibombe)

Outstanding Contemporary/World Music

  • Giovanni Kiyingi (Buddu)
  • Kenneth Mugabi (Oliwa)
  • Joel Ssebunjo (Rise Up Africa)

Outstanding RnB Artist

  • Naava Grey (Ngi bambe)
  • Zuli Tums (Oluvanyuma)
  • Liam Voice (Omwoyo)

Outstanding Reggae Artist

  • Reggae Soldier (Mukulembeze)
  • Robert Rayz (Tukole)
  • Baba Raa (Reggaelize)

Viewer’s Choice Award

  • Pallaso (Malamu)
  • Felista di Superstar (Bwotyo)
  • Eddy Kenzo (Weekend)

Humanitarian Award

  • Halima Namakula (Fistula)
  • Levixone (Kosovo NGO)
  • Bebe Cool (Heart Foundation)

Music Leadership and Inspiration Award

  • Pastor Bugembe
  • Muyinda raa ramah
  • Phina Masanyalaze

Music Journalist Award

  • Isaac Ssejombwe (Kampala Scoop)
  • Musa Ssemwanga (Online)
  • Herbie Kay (Metro FM)

Outstanding Cultural/Folk

  • Ndere Troupe (Soft Waists, No bones-Ganda dance)
  • Kika Troupe (Adungu Dance/Otwenge)
  • Percussion Discussion Africa (Malamu)

Outstanding Legendary Artist

  • Moze Radio (Tambula Nange)
  • Maddox Sematimba (Namagembe)
  • Jose Chameleon (Valu Valu)

Outstanding Entrepreneurial Artist

  • Sheebah Karungi (Holic Pads)
  • Bobi Wine (One Love Beach)
  • B2C (Kiyamba Ffena Wipes)

Outstanding Afro Beat/Pop Artist

  • Pallaso (Malamu)
  • Sheebah Karungi (Boy Fire)
  • Azawi (Slow Dancing)

Outstanding Afro-Zouk Artist

  • King Saha (On my Way)
  • B2C (Munda’awo)
  • Slick Stuart & Roja (Sunday)

Outstanding Performer

  • Sheebah Karungi (Boy Fire)
  • Azawi (Slow Dancing)
  • Eddy Kenzo (Weekend)
  • Pallaso (Malamu)

Outstanding Vocalist

  • Sandra Suubi (Ssembera)
  • Levixone (Mbeera)
  • Kenneth Mugabi (Nkwegomba)

Outstanding Audio Producer

  • Daddy Andre (Andeele)
  • Nessin Pan Production (Munda’awo)
  • Artin Pro (Buligitta)

Outstanding Audio Producer Regional

  • Dani Pro (Pe ilwor)
  • Masta Beatz (One love)
  • Street ft.Wazy (Beatboy)

Outstanding Video Producer

  • Ziga Phix (Mino Mina/Bakuweki)
  • Sasha Vybz (Bebe Cool /Wire Wire)
  • Crane Media (Stamina/Brothers Muzik.ft. Jose Chameleon)

Outstanding Video Producer Regional

  • McElvis Onset (Rasta Swagg-Pi Naka)
  • Woko Derrick (Ameri-Elton Loverby)
  • Jowee Amio (Akile Galva G Ft.Naffz cee.)
  • Outstanding Dee – Jay
  • DJ Nimrod
  • DJ Silverback
  • Slick Stuart & Roja

Young Talent Award

  • Fresh Kid (Bambi)
  • Fellista Di Superstar (Bwotyo)
  • Leyna (Good Day)


Outstanding Comedy Performance

  • Fun Factory (Thursday Comedy)
  • Kibooneka Moses (Uncle Mo)
  • Okello Okello (Silent Comedy)

Outstanding Drama Production

  • Zansanze-The Village Belle (John Ssegawa)
  • Betrothal (Agannza Kisaaka)
  • Empuuna Malungu(Bad Omen) (Afritalent)

Outstanding Theatre Production

  • Tropical Fish (Deborah Asiimwe)
  • The Chains of Dance (Edward Sembatya)
  • Killing Time (Ibua)

Outstanding Musical Production (Theatre and other mediums)

  • Agape Concert (Cherubium)
  • An Evening of Christmas Music (Quitent Band)
  • Musengwa Mulungi (St. Francis Xavier Choir)

Outstanding Dance Group (Contemporary)

  • Masaka Kids Africana (Tweyagale)
  • Watwero Dance Co. (The witch-the mad trailer)
  • Epic Dance Crew (Sonko)

Outstanding Dance Group (Folk)

  • Watmon Troupe (Bwola Dance)
  • Nile Beat Artists (Tamina Ibuga)
  • Kika Troupe (Nabalanga Musical Dance)
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Outstanding Magician and Illusionist

  • Athena Entertainment NetworkB

Outstanding Spoken Word (Including Bitontome)

  • A Forgotten Tune (Carolyne Afroetry MA)
  • I Want Humanity (Mercy Geno Apachi)
  • Ogenda wa (Lule Ssebo)


Outstanding Film

  • Tecora (Story by Muyanja Bashir)
  • November Tear (Written and directed by Richard Nondo, Daphne Ampire, Joel
  • Okuyo Atiku Prynce, Raymond Rushabiro, Cindy Sanyu, Housen Mushema)
  • The Girl in the Yellow Jumper (Produced and directed by Loukman Ali)

Outstanding Documentary

  • I Won’t Kneel (Hilda Awori)
  • Demystifying Lifts and Lows (Kankunda Titi)
  • Kanungu Doomsday (Bart Kakooza)

Outstanding TV Drama

  • Baguma
  • Sanyu
  • Presitige

Outstanding Animation Film

  • Katoto
  • A Kalabanda Ate My Homework
  • Uganda Folk Tales in Animation
  • The Vow-Lwaki Emmese Ebba

Outstanding Actor

  • Allan Katongole (Sanyu, 27 Guns and Balikoowa in the City)
  • Mushema Housen (Bed of Thorns, November Tear, Veronica’s Wish)
  • Micheal Wawuyo Jr. (Blind Date,16 Rounds, The Girl in the Yellow Jumper)

Outstanding Actress

  • Prossy Mukisa (Baguma-Nabbosa, The Right Path, Blood and Pain)
  • Eleanor Nabwiso (Sanyu, Bed of Thorns, Prickly Roses)
  • Doreen Nabbanja (Honourable, The Only Son, Black Glove Mutabaazi.94 Terro, Kafa Coh.C)

Outstanding Director FIlm

  • Cissy Nalumansi (Umoja, Missing Nothing, Ensulo, Promises, The Village Champion)
  • Kiziito Samuel Savior (Forbidden, Silent Depression, Kemi)
  • Ayenyi T.Steve (Kony, Order from Above, Kampala City)

Outstanding Costume Designer

  • Esther Nakaziba (Bed of Thorns, 27 Guns, Honorables)
  • Najjemba Lule Josephine (Tecora)
  • Tazibone Solomon (Prestige)

Outstanding Screen Play Writer

  • Cissy Nalumansi (Kela)
  • Louis Muhereza (Deception)
  • Mutoni Jordanah (Baguma)

Outstanding Visual Effects

  • Endeku Ya Mukungu (Description: Outstanding motion effects displayed in the battle
  • between a ghost called Mukungu and a water well called Nabaiyre)
  • Bad Black (Description: A Wakaliwood masterpiece with visual effects locally propped
  • depicting an enormous ability to create)
  • 16 Rounds (A film that combines great cinematography with story and performance to a gripping effect)

Outstanding Producer

  • Aisha Kyomuhangi (Kemi)
  • Bob Nyanzi (Prestige, The Kampala Story)
  • Usama Mukwaya (Blind Date,16 Rounds, The Girl in the Yellow Jumper)

Regional Film Award

  • Obunkenke (A film locally produced in Busoga the lifestyle of the Basoga)
  • City of Destiny (A movie featuring a cast of top Northern Ugandan celebrities Liama,
  • Christine Blacky, Big Mike, Okello Steven)
  • King of Kings (A movie depicting the indigenous life style of the Africans in the Western part of Uganda)

Film Student Award

  • St. Joseph Secondary School, Kiteredde, Kyotera (Kaleka Kasome)
  • Kankunda Solange Titi (Demystifying Highs and Lows)
  • Isiko Abubaker (Engaito)


Outstanding Crafts and Weaving

  • Sanaa Gateja (Craftsman and jeweler)
  • Stacey Gillian Abe 
  • Paul Bukenya Katamiira (Ugandan Bark Cloth Marker)

Outstanding Painter

  • Ntensibe Joseph (Nature and Contemporary Artist)
  • Wilson Membe Lukenge (Visual Artist of International Repute)
  • Dorothy Migadde 

Outstanding Sculptor

  • Dr. George Kyeyune (Sculptor and Charcoal and Pencil Artist)
  • PROF. F. X. NNAGGENDA (Designed the Monument of the Kabaka of Buganda)
  • Okwir Isaac (Managed to apply cubism style in his 3D bronze work)

Outstanding Photographer

  • Oscar Ntege
  • Edgar Batte
  • Paddy Muramura

Outstanding Fashion Designer

  • Stella Atal
  • Abbas Kaijuka
  • Discrete Ug

Outstanding Stylist in Fashion

  • Tazibone Solomon
  • Mavo Kampala
  • Larry Casual

Outstanding Make Up Artist

  • Esther Nakaziba
  • Monafaces
  • Imani Makeup Studio

Outstanding Graphics Designer

  • Kirigoola Benon
  • Armup Media
  • Reagan Nalikka
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Outstanding Interior Designer

  • Po Designz
  • One100_int-ug
  • Muti Interiors

Outstanding Landscape Designer

  • Barefoot Landscaping
  • Divine Landscapes Ltd
  • Katooke Landscape

Outstanding Architect

  • Jonathan Nsubuga
  • William Henry Ssentoogo
  • Henry Twahiirwa

Outstanding Copywriter

  • Eric Mununuzi (Bosco campaign)
  • Henry Onen (I Choose Peace – IPOD)
  • Adonia Waibale (GoTV, DSTV)


Outstanding Book

  • The First Woman (Written by Jeniffer Nsubuga)
  • Zura Maids (Written by Apio Atuko)
  • Deserted (Written by Bob Godfrey Kisiki)

Outstanding Children’s Storybook

  • Namulanda (By Walaabyeki Magoba)
  • Munini The weeping Bean (By Rachel Twinomugisha)
  • Battle of the Jungle Book (By Agaba Denis)

Outstanding Children’s Book Illustrator

  • Philip Nsamba
  • Davis Bamwine
  • Tumuhaise John Baptist

Outstanding Fiction Writer

  • Beatrice Lamwaka (Butterfly Dreams)
  • Bridget Ankunda (Do Not Love Me in English)
  • Mathias Mulumba (Poet, Novelist, Short storywriter)

Outstanding Non- Fiction Writer

  • Charles Peter Mayiga (Work and Prosper)
  • Joyce Mpanga (It’s a Pity She is Not a Boy)
  • Jimmy Spire Ssentongo (What I saw when I died.)

Outstanding Cartoonist

  • Jimmy Spire Ssentongo
  • Kwizera Arnold
  • Chris Ogon Atukwasize

Outstanding Newspaper/Magazine Columnist

  • Allan Tacca (“Will Tomorrow’s African Soldiers Die for the Continent’s Despots?”)
  • Yusuf Kajura (The Observer)
  • Esther Namugogi (New Vision)

Best Vlogger

  • Kisaaka Elizabeth (Transform Africa, Global Unites)
  • Nakamanya Lynnet (How I am Surviving in Covid 19, How to Make Barkcloth in Uganda)
  • Otwong Wile Ki Otwong (V-loger Influencer from Acholiland)

Outstanding Podcaster

  • Lucy Chihandae (The World is Ours)
  • Nabuguzi Kiwanuka (We need to heal)
  • Prudence Nyamishana (Adult, Bullying)


Outstanding Software Programmer

  • Emmanuel Isabirye
  • Kenneth Kwesiga
  • Sedrick Otolo

Outstanding Software Designer

  • Loft technologies
  • Javanet Systems
  • Jen troy

Outstanding App

  • Fortiemart
  • Afromobile

Outstanding Gaming Programmer

  • Bulamu Net Games
  • Daniel Okalanyi

Outstanding Innovator

  • Zeenode Ltd
  • Eric Mujjona
  • Sedrick Otolo


Outstanding Community Museum

  • Igongo Museum (South Western Uganda)
  • Koogere Foundation Cultural Museum (Tooro)
  • Madi Cultural Museum (Moyo District)

Outstanding Art Gallery

  • Magezi Art Exhibition
  • Afriart Gallery
  • Umoja art gallery

Outstanding Community Library

  • Kawempe Youth Centre
  • Kitengesa Community Library
  • Bundibugyo Community Library
  • Outstanding Public Library
  • Nakaseke Telecenter and Library (Nakaseke)
  • Soroti Public Library (Soroti)
  • Kabale Public Library (Kabale)

Domestic Tourism Award

  • Ritah Karungi Abwooli
  • Hellenah Olga Namutamba
  • Trip Addicts

Indigenous Cultural Award (Folk Stories, Folk Song, Animation, Film, Rituals, Legends)

  • Annet Nandujja (Folk Singer, composer and dancer)
  • Zoe the Storyteller (Folklore storyteller, Poet, Theatre Maker, Musician)
  • Akogo Festival (Promoting and preservation of Itesot culture and cultural resources)
  • Suraya Namirembe (Composer, Collector of cultural folk tales)
  • Traditional Medicine Innovator Award
  • Bro Fr Anatoli Wasswa (First fully fledged herbal medicine clinic in the country)
  • Prof. Patrick Ogwang (Developer of Covidex)
  • Balibawo Herbert (Traditional skills in Bone Setting)


Outstanding Talent Manager

  • Julius Kyazze
  • Martin Beta Muhumuza
  • Dorothy Nabunjo

Outstanding Emcees

  • Patrick Mujjuko
  • Brian Mulondo
  • MC Kats

Outstanding Promoters

  • Talent Africa 256
  • Kasana Events
  • Kt promotions

Outstanding Event Producer

  • Fenon
  • Events Warehouse
  • Swangz Avenue

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