Lycamobile Uganda: 14 FAQs about their Bundles and Rates

Here, Lifestyle Uganda has put together a list of 14 of the most frequently asked questions about Lycamobile Uganda data bundles and rates.

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We at Lifestyle Uganda have compiled a list of 14 frequently asked questions about Lycamobile Uganda data plans and rates in this article. FILE PHOTO

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA ( — In the past, Ugandans’ access to unlimited Internet was restricted with daily and monthly data caps, but that has recently changed thanks to new mobile network operators like Lycamobile Uganda who have gotten into the business with soothing data bundles to their offer catalogs.

  • Using *131#, you can get details on the bundle you have with Lycamobile.
  • You can speak to Lycamobile Uganda Customer Services by calling 100.
  • Learn how to buy Lycamobile data in Uganda by reading our guide.
  • Check out the 4 most frequently asked questions and answers for Lycamobile Uganda.

Unlimited mobile data deals, first introduced by Orange Uganda, and later Africell Uganda, have always placed pressure on data networks, resulting in poor quality of service.

This article offers an overview of the 14 most frequently asked questions about the internet bundles Lycamobile Uganda is offering. The recent update of their data bundles has generated yet another discussion about unlimited data plans.

#1. How do I activate a national bundle?

We recommend visiting the Lycamobile Uganda National Bundles page where you will find the specific activation code needed for the bundle you wish to purchase.

Alternatively, you can reach Customer Service by dialling 100.

#2. How do I check if a bundle is active on my Lycamobile?

You can always use the *131# to find out what your bundle is and how much allowance you have on your Lycamobile account.

#3. Will I get a confirmation message after a bundle is activated?

Upon activation, you will receive a confirmation text message. Please only use your bundle after receiving the confirmation text. If you use your bundle before receiving the confirmation text, you may be charged under standard rates.

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To check your bundle allowance if you did not receive a confirmation message, you can dial *131# from your Lycamobile or simply call 100 to speak to Lycamobile Uganda Customer Services.

#4. Does Lycamobile Uganda bundles have an expiry date?

Yes, the expiry details are listed on the Lycamobile bundle page as well as in the terms and conditions.

Visit to view all plans.

#5. Can minutes be carried forward to the next month if they’re not used?

No, all allowances expire on the same day as the expiration date for the bundles according to Lycamobile terms and conditions.

#6. I have activated a bundle and have used all the allowance, Can I activate the same bundle again?

Yes, you can reactivate the same bundle as long as you have airtime on your phone.

#7. Can I use these minutes to call other countries?

The bundles offered by Lycamobile Uganda are designed to meet the specific needs of specific customers. You will only be able to call the countries specified in the bundle.

#8. I have activated the wrong bundle, what do I do?

When a bundle is activated, Lycamobile Uganda does not offer the option to cancel it, but depending on the bundle and the way you use it, they will do their best to assist you.

Please call Lycamobile Uganda Customer Service at 100 for more information.

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#9. Where can I find the details of the Lycamobile bundle?

As part of their commitment to offering their customers the best bundle deals, Lycamobile Uganda updates their rates frequently; to find out the most current information on the rates and bundles, please visit their website at

Alternatively, you can call Lycamobile Customer Services at 100 from your phone.

#10. My bundle has been renewed by debiting the cost from my bank account. Why is this?

The Lycamobile bundle can be automatically renewed after activation. Please check the box to disable auto-renewal when activating a bundle.

Also, keep in mind that the auto-renewal feature is available so that you don’t have to remember to top-up your account.

It is also possible to cancel the auto-renewal by dialling *190# at least 24 hours prior to the bundle expiration date.

#11. Are there any monthly or hidden charges?

There are no additional fees or charges hidden away. You only pay the price you see.

Visit their website for full details of the various ways you can get in touch with them. 1) Call Customer Services at 100 from your Lycamobile or +256726100100 from any phone. 2) Visit their Contact Us page for full details of the various ways you can get in touch with us.

All plans are available at

#12. What mobile handsets can I use with Lycamobile?

Lycamobile supports internationally recognised GSM standards that are adopted by all major handset manufacturers. Lycamobile does not impose any other restrictions on the type of handset you can use.

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#13. My internet has stopped working. What should I do?

Make sure your phone has sufficient data or balance to support your data usage, you can always check your Lycamobile data allowance by dialling *131#.

You can reach their friendly Customer Services team on 100 from your Lycamobile or +256726100100 from another phone if the problem persists.

#14. Do I have to manually input settings on my handset to access the internet?

Your handset model will determine how you receive the internet settings. For most phones, you will receive the settings automatically, which you will have to save in order for the internet to work.

To manually configure your specific handset model’s settings, visit the Mobile Web Settings page on the Lycamobile Uganda website. Alternatively, you can contact Customer Services by calling 100 from your Lycamobile phone or +256726100100 from another.

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