Here Are the 10 Major Early Signs of Pregnancy

One of the early signs of pregnancy will include some or all of these signs. If you are experiencing any or more of these symptoms, then chances are good that you are pregnant.

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The ninth sign is frequent urination. This happens to first-time pregnant women. PHOTO via @Today’s Parent

One of the early signs of pregnancy will include some or all of these signs. If you are experiencing any or more of these symptoms, then chances are good that you are pregnant. 

Of course, if you are not pregnant but are taking birth control pills, then some or all of these signs may also be an early indication of ectopic pregnancy.

Here are the major early signs of pregnancy.

First Signs of Pregnancy. Spotting. During early pregnancy, you may feel like you are bleeding in places that are not normally, such as your pelvic area. 

You may feel pain or discomfort during this time, as well as some spots. Implantation bleeding may also occur.

Second Signs of Pregnancy. Feeling Hot. You may feel unusually hot throughout your pregnancy. If you do not already, begin to wear light clothes to make yourself cooler. Light-coloured clothing is often best. 

Also, if you tend to perspire a lot when you exercise, this can increase your body temperature and that can increase the severity of some of these signs of pregnancy.

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Third and Early Fourth Signs of Pregnancy. Dilation and Enlargement of the Breast. This early signs of pregnancy can help healthcare providers to determine whether you are pregnant or not. You may notice that your breasts become larger than they were in the early stages of your pregnancy. 

Also, if you have been regularly cradled throughout the pregnancy, it can stretch to a larger size than before. These are signs that the baby inside you has started to arrive.

Fourth and Early Fights. Backaches and Frequent migraine headaches are a very common symptom of early pregnancy. This symptom is due to the increased pressure on certain parts of your body. This pressure affects the muscles of your back. 

So, if your midwife notices that you are experiencing frequent headaches, you should visit your healthcare provider to be advised of certain foods and vitamins that can help reduce this problem.

Fifth and Sixth Signs of Pregnancy. Morning Sickness. It is quite common for pregnant women to experience morning sickness. However, many people do not recognize this symptom of early pregnancy

This is one of the main reasons why it is important to keep track of your morning sickness symptoms.

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Seventh and Eighth Signs of Pregnancy. Cravings for Certain Foods. If you are craving for specific foods during certain times of your pregnancy, then it could mean that you are having latent pregnancy cravings

You should avoid eating these foods at any cost because these cravings can lead to severe nausea and vomiting. If you find cravings for chocolate or caffeine, then you should avoid consuming these foods during this time.

Ninth and last: Hair Changes and Balding. The most common early pregnancy symptom is the appearance of some early signs of pregnancy symptoms. 

Most people experience swollen breasts, sudden weight gain, headaches, increased urination, backaches and skin changes. Most of these symptoms are caused by hormonal imbalances which lead to an increase in the levels of estrogen in your system. 

However, hair loss is a symptom that cannot be confused with the other early signs of pregnancy symptoms.

The ninth sign is frequent urination. This happens to first-time pregnant women. It is also experienced by women who are about to become pregnant. When a woman experiences frequent urination, it means that her body is dealing with a number of other things. 

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For example, if you are about to give birth and your labor begins quickly, frequent urination may occur as your body attempts to empty your bladder. It is also possible to have frequent urination when you are nursing.

Another early sign of pregnancy is a change in bowel habits. If you experience constipation, it can be an early sign of pregnancy. In fact, many people who are pregnant do experience constipation at one point or another in their pregnancy.

Finally, the tenth sign is fatigue. Fatigue is something that is common for everyone especially if you are about to have a baby. However, this can also be an early sign of pregnancy because it is often confused with morning sickness. 

Morning sickness is a very common pregnancy symptom, but it may cause fatigue if it persists for longer than two weeks.

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