Supreme Court To Hear Claims on Trump’s Financial Records

Supreme Court to hear claims on the Financial Records of President Trump.

Trump's Financial Records
President Trump’s tax returns and financial records. PHOTO/Shutterstock

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments revisiting President Trump’s tax returns and financial records

He has long been under scrutiny for the practice of stopping this information from being made public. 

Just last year, President Trump sued the Manhattan district attorney’s office. Trump’s lawyer has claimed that he has “complete immunity” from criminal investigation and prosecution while in office.

The House oversight, financial services and intelligence agencies are also investigating Trump, in their case for conflicts of interest over foreign business relations. Trump’s accounting firm Mazars USA was sent to the committees and its two banks, Deutsche Bank and Capital One.

In response, Trump sued the oversight committee in federal court for blocking Mazars Sapona. He also sued financial services and investigative teams in New York for blocking Deutsche Bank and Capital One sub-bonuses. 

Trump’s cases have been dismissed in lower courts, which have ordered him to hand over his records to investigators. The Supreme Court is the last chance to stop public access to Trump’s financial records.

Evidence of corruption in Trump’s financial records would further harm his reputation, which is especially true if Trump suppresses evidence of wrongdoing. 

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Trump’s history as an entrepreneur is key to his 2016 presidency.

His role in managing large and successful companies has always been at the centre of his argument for legitimacy. Lots of rides on the Supreme Court ruling.

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