Which Vitamins Help in Maintaining a Healthy Immune System?

The three vitamins to remember in maintaining a healthy immune system are Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E.

maintaining a healthy immune system
Which vitamins can help boost your immune system? FILE PHOTO

So, which vitamins are most essential for maintaining a healthy immune system? Most likely, you are born with the immunity you now possess. The age and exposure to germs for many years may change it a little bit, but in general, the safety of your body depends on your parent’s protection system. 

Treatments such as allergy scenarios and medications such as Zyrtec may help you deal with irritable immune system reactions (aka allergies), but the way your cells respond to foreign invaders is not true to change completely.

But none of this is to say that you cannot take certain steps to boost your immune system. Your lifestyle and diet choices are important. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, drug abuse, and lack of adequate sleep can severely impair the functioning of our immune systems

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Eating foods that lack significant vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can also be harmful.

So, which vitamins are most essential for maintaining a healthy immune system? Let’s see.

Big Three in maintaining a healthy immune system

The three vitamins to remember are Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. You can take these as pills or choose foods that are high in these vitamins.

Vitamin C

Look for citrus fruits like vitamin C, orange and grapefruit. Strawberries, kale and broccoli are high, too, so if you don’t like sour food, try these other options.

Vitamin B6

The Mediterranean diet is completely loaded with vitamin B6. This important nutrient can be found in poultry, salmon and tuna. If you like hummus, you are in luck too, because the chickpea is loaded with B6. Consider making your hummus, and adding green peppers or other vegetables to the mix is ​​a more varied meal.

Vitamin E

Finally, vitamin E is found in seeds, nuts and greens. This antioxidant is so powerful that some people even use it on their skin (in the form of oil) to prevent wrinkles or scars.

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Don’t make too much of it with extras

Please note that high intake of vitamin E can lead to overdose. If your doctor does not prescribe, try to stick to vitamin-rich foods instead of pills.

The same can be said for the B6, though it is hard to consume too much. Still, those who take vitamins from tablets instead of eating a variety of foods may be nervous with vitamin B6 overdoses.

As for vitamin C, there is no need to worry. It is water-soluble, so if you consume too much, your body will dispose of it with urine.

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