What Is #FreeBritney Hashtag About, and Why Is It Trending on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Tess Barker and Barbara Gray created the hashtag #FreeBritney. The two launched a podcast in November 2017.

what is #FreeBritney hashtag
How did the #FreeBritney movement get started?. Photo/Shutterstock

If you’ve been on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook recently, you may have noticed the #FreeBritney hashtag

  • Britney was first placed under a conservatory in 2008 following her mental breakdown.
  • The singer misbehaved, was driving on her lap with her son, and suddenly shaved her head in a frantic rage.
  • The podcasts Tess Barker and Barbara Gray created the hashtag #FreeBritney.
  • Then, in January 2019, Britney cancelled her new Las Vegas show “Domination” a month before it was due to launch.
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The tag refers to fans ’concern over the pop star’s conservatism, a type of protector that allows her father to make many financial and personal decisions for her. But the Internet considers conservatism to be a violation of its rights and freedoms.

What is Conservatism?

A conservatory is a legal arrangement in which a person or persons are appointed as guardians over a person who is deemed incapable of making their own decisions. The most common type of conservatives is those with senile dementia and those in a coma. 

In this way, a representative controls the financial, medical treatment, occupation and daily activities of a person suffering from a severe disability.

The case of Britney Spears is extraordinary. The former teenage consciousness does not seem to be suffering from a mental illness and thus she is unable to function alone. 

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At age 38, with a net worth of $60 million, and no obvious signs of dementia, it seems inappropriate for her father and the lawyers to have so much control over her life. But the conservancy reportedly banned Britney from driving and forced her to get permission to invite guests to her home. The singer also said she needed permission to leave her home.

Britney was first placed under a conservatory in 2008 following her mental breakdown. The singer misbehaved, was driving on her lap with her son, and suddenly shaved her head in a frantic rage. Eventually, she lost custody of her children for a while. 

After her arrest in 5150, for emergency psychiatric intervention, her father Jamie Spears was held accountable for her decisions.


How did the #FreeBritney movement get started?

The podcasts Tess Barker and Barbara Gray created the hashtag #FreeBritney. The two launched a podcast in November 2017 that splits the singer’s Instagrams. In the years that followed, a series of bizarre events raised further red flags for podcasters and fans.

In 2018, attorney and co-defendant Andrew Wallet received a major raise, raising his salary to $6,426,000. Fans saw the uprising as evidence of Britney being exploited.

Then, in January 2019, Britney cancelled her new Las Vegas show “Domination” a month before it was due to launch. He had previously pledged a three-year residency at The Strip. But in her announcement, she accused her father of postponing her health issues.

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A paralegal that worked for the law firm responsible for the conservatism now claims that Jamie Spears forced Britney to rescind the “dominance” that, during the rehearsal, she refused to take the drug. He says that Jamie told him, vocabulary, “to criticize my illness.”

For the next few months, Britney seemed to fall from the face of the planet. Her Instagram was silent and she did not appear in public. Barker said of those months, “As time goes on, it’s very strange that she’s nowhere to be seen because Britney Spears is someone who wants to be photographed by the paparazzi.”

On April 3rd, she made a unique Instagram post. It is as follows: We all need to take “me time” for a while. An hour later, Spears entered a 30-day stop at a psychiatric treatment centre.

What created the new excitement for #FreeBritney hashtag?

Given that most of these controversies took place in 2018 and 2019, some are wondering why #FreeBritney hashtag is so popular on Twitter right now. This is largely due to fans reading Britney’s latest performance on social media. Many fans have expressed concern that Britney is trying to communicate secretly through these posts.

Recently, the singer posted a question and answer video on Instagram in which she appeared furious, jumping and agitated. 

Since then, fans have been suggesting how he interacts with the code. They ask Britney to wear certain clothes or have specific props to let them know if they are being treated against her will. It looks like Britney has met some of these demands. 

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Most importantly, the singer released a bizarre video where he wears a yellow shirt and jumps in and out of the camera for a solid 28 seconds, as fans demanded.

Relevant members of the Britney Army say they are now seeking help as her conservator position is renewed on August 22nd.

Britney Spears real life PRISON Explained.

Should we believe it?

Although a very in-depth study of Britney’s social media may prove ineffective, the situation is worrying. Whether she was arrested against her will or not, it is somewhat strange that she is still under the thumb of a guard.

Fans have created a petition to allow Britney to appoint a private lawyer to free her from the post of Conservator. 179,000 people have signed up. Also, hundreds of thousands of Britney Stones have signed numerous petitions seeking an end to the Conservator position.

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