Lower Abdominal Pain in Women: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Lower abdominal pain in women is caused by various diseases or conditions. Some of the more common lower abdominal pain conditions and their symptoms are listed below.

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The lower abdomen refers to the area between the navel and the pelvic bone. It is bounded by skin, muscles, bones and organs; all of which can cause pain in women. PHOTO via @Flickr

Women complain of lower abdominal pain for many reasons. For example pregnancy, constipation, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gallstones, ovarian cysts or other diseases.

Pain occurring during menstruation may be felt in any part of the abdomen but it is usually located below and around the pelvis.

The causes of this type of pain differ according to age group: some are benign as well as most common in adults while others are serious conditions affecting children or adolescents like appendicitis or Crohn’s disease.

Like any other conditions, lower abdominal pain can be caused by stress and anxiety as well as by certain diseases.

Some lower abdominal pain in women can be caused by obesity, genetic factors and endocrine disorders like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which is associated with hormonal abnormalities.

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These are different types of conditions that may cause abdominal pain or symptoms in women. Each of these adds to the list of reasons for lower abdominal pain.

Lower abdominal pain affecting the navel is a common condition and usually goes away within days after meals or other treatments. This type of pain occurs during the menstrual cycle when you are on your period or postmen pause.

In women, the most common cause of lower abdominal pain is due to abnormal menstruation. Symptoms can include a feeling of bloating, gassiness, heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

Other symptoms include pelvic pressure and heaviness as well as soreness or tenderness in one area or another.

What causes lower abdominal pain in females?

There are many causes that may lead to lower abdominal pain in females. The most common are menstrual cramps, urinary tract infection, ectopic pregnancy, and endometriosis. Other possible causes can be appendicitis or an ovarian cyst.

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Women should consult with their healthcare providers to find out which condition is the cause of their lower abdominal pain while also looking for other symptoms such as mood swings or vaginal bleeding.

What can you do about lower abdominal pain in females?

The best way to treat any kind of abdominal pain is through medication and lifestyle changes. If a woman has passed her period then this could possibly be a sign of an STD and would require treatment with antibiotics.

She may also have to take pain medications such as ibuprofen or Tylenol to help ease her pain.

There are many other things that can help lower abdominal pain in females such as exercise and relaxation, stress management, and dietary changes.

What can you do if lower abdominal pain in females does not go away?

If lower abdominal pain in females does not go away the first thing a woman should do is seek medical advice by visiting a doctor or calling the doctor’s office.

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The next step would be to take a pregnancy test to see if she could possibly be pregnant. If she is pregnant then she will most likely have to get an ultrasound first to see where the baby is located inside her uterus.

If pregnancy is not the cause of her lower abdominal pain then she can schedule an appointment to see a gynaecologist for more tests to find out what is the cause of her lower abdominal pain.

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