A Guide to Purchasing Women’s Dress Shoes in Kampala

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A perfect pair of shoes is an important accessory for any woman, and if the choice of shoes is unlimited, it can be quite confusing to select something that fits your needs.

These days, a range of stylish shoes are found in Kampala, ranging from the easy slip-on to the exotic stilettos in different brands and ranges.

But it is very important that you make your purchase carefully when it comes to women’s dress shoes.

Looking nice is a nice thing, and for that ideal appearance, you have to match your outfit with the correct accessories.

Women’s shoes are a very important part of a woman’s accessory and hence should be chosen with care.

Women’s Dress Shoes varies greatly from other casual footwear, mainly because they can not be worn regularly due to their design that incorporates heels and straps.

They are highly suitable for social or official events where you need to look at your trendiest best to be paired with formal wear.

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It can be quite confusing to choose a nice dress shoe in Kampala nowadays due to a wide range of shoes. 

But not anymore, as Payless complete Look located at Kikuubo building in Kampala shares some tips below in this regard to help you out of your situation on finding Women’s Dress Shoes

1. Price tag

For starters, the number one tip to consider when choosing a dress shoe especially in Kampala should be price.

Impulse buyers are always easily sold “single occasion” due to the realization that the choice was not tailored to them at some point.

A nice dress shoe will fall straight into your valuation if it fits the occasion and, most importantly, it’s distinctive. Remember, “if something is too good to be true, it is likely too nice to be true.”

2. Match the Dress Shoe with your Occasion

Women’s Dress Shoes in Kampala Uganda
Match the Dress Shoe with your Occasion

It’s very important that if you’re on a budget try to choose a dress based on the event you’re trying to grace your presence.

Some occasions require you to stand out and some occasions require you to be subtle to give the celebrant their day.

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A flamboyant dress shoe in such a scenario would only lead in a flashy appearance. But if your dress is easy and elegant, you can always team it up with an embellished Women’s Shoe.

So, if it’s your prom, choose something you’re going to be confident in, stand out and look amazing.

For a wedding, you want to go for something that’s assuring but not imposing enough to make you stand out. Most importantly, find out the dress code including design and colors.

3. Go in for a Perfect Fit

Women’s Dress Shoes RED
A comfortable pair of footwear reflects your style

A comfortable pair of footwear reflects your style a long way, and so it’s important to choose a good quality Women’s Dress Shoe that’s comfortable to wear.

Try out the dress shoe before you buy it and walk a few steps in it so you can measure the level of comfort.

You’re going to walk in a store and, as we already know, first impressions not only stop in our relationships but also in what we buy.

Do not compromise on this angle, no matter how pretty the shoes are, because at the end of the day, by wearing an improper fit.

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You may create blisters or aches that leave you disturbed and annoyed throughout the day, if the event is a lengthy one where you are needed to stand the whole time.

Some of the clothes don’t have standard measurements, it can be true XL or L when it’s a distinct size in the real sense.

Before you get excited about a certain dress shoe, make sure the toe has enough room to move around.

What’s next?

Check out Payless Complete Look located in Kampala at Kikuubo Skylight arcade L3- 08, or Totala business centre ground floor shop 44. Also, inquires, call +256778309941.

Unlike many stores, Payless Complete Look will listen and give you a complete look as detailed above matching your event or function.

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