Dove partners with Keys Fashion for South African Fashion Week

Today on - Keys Fashion Have Partnered With Dove.
Dove partners with Ryan Keys of Keys Fashion for South African Fashion Week. File photo

Dove partners with Keys fashion to encourage women to have the confidence to wear more of the colours they love.

Women love wearing colours that are reflective of their moods, bright colours for festive occasions and darker colours for a more slimming look.

Nothing says power dressing like a bright red ladies suit. We believe women should have the freedom to wear more of their favourite colours. By liberating women to wear more of the colours they love, Dove wants women to feel more confident and empowered.

That is why Dove Invisible Dry has teamed up with one of South Africa’s most esteemed fashion designers, Ryan Keys of Keys Fashion for South African Fashion Week.

Ryan’s passion is fuelled by the desire to satisfy South Africa’s ever-increasing appetite for exquisite, stylish garments while raising the standards of craftsmanship.

After a two-week vacation in the Maldives, Ryan was inspired to create a collection that reminded him of that time. ‘

I wanted to remember one of the best experiences of my life and hopefully the collection will create memories for the women wearing it – says Ryan.

During SA Fashion Week, Keys will put Dove Invisible Dry to the ultimate test on haute couture worn by his models as they get ready to take to the runway.

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Keys new collection is bright and colourful which further impresses the importance of using Dove Invisible Dry to ensure that care is taken while handling the garments.

In addition to the partnership with Keys in the lead up to SA Fashion Week, Dove’s influencers, Cassandra Twala (@Cassmiat) and Keitumetse Naomi Noinyane (@Knaomin) will run a competition for one of their followers to attend the show as a VIP guest.

One lucky winner will experience the VIP treatment of having a custom designed by Keys Fashion.

Dove wants to celebrate colour! That’s why Dove created the first antiperspirant that’s invisible on 100 of them. Dove Invisible Dry is the only antiperspirant proven to leave no marks on 100 colours.

Today on - Keys Fashion Have Partnered With Dove.
Keys Fashion Have Partnered With Dove.

Whilst it provides 48-hour protection, it doesn’t leave any marks on clothes and contains all the goodness of Dove including its unique ¼ moisturising cream, to give you soft, smooth beautiful underarms.

“Colour can hold the key to changing our mood, energising our day and changing the way those around us perceive our behaviour. Dove wants to give women the confidence to wear more of the colours they love.

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With Dove Invisible Dry, women can rest assured knowing that they are protected against sweat & odour and don’t have to worry about white marks on their favourite outfits.

Dove enables women to feel beautiful and confident to wear their favourite colour outfit, because with beautiful underarms you can wear anything with confidence,” explains Sphelele Mjadu, Unilever Personal Care Senior Public Relations Manager.

So, why not enjoy wearing more of the colours that you love? With Dove Invisible Dry, you can! Join the social media movement with #Dove #100ColourChallenge #RKxDove

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