What Killed Sheikh Muzaata: Bobi Wine Reacts to His Cause of Death

Bobi Wine, who spoke a few minutes later, said the family of the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata may have been forced to release the reports.

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Bobi Wine, the flag bearer and president of the National Unity Platform bids farewell to Muzaata. PHOTO via @YOUTUBE/5 December 2020

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, or Bobi Wine, the flag bearer and president of the National Unity Platform, insisted that the family of the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata was under intense pressure to cover up the exact cause of his death.

Bobi Wine made these statements during the Salat-al-Janazah prayer for the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte.

Earlier, Sheikh Muzaata’s family and their respective spokespersons had pointed out that the deceased had died of natural causes, while informal reports showed foul play.

“We thank God for giving us Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata and taking him away. He has been a pillar of this family and the Islamic community,” a family member told the crowd.

“Sheikh Muzaata has been battling pressure and diabetes. Recently, he was relieved and he began to feel pain in the joints and general weakness, which means he died when we took him to the hospital,” the family member added.

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Bobi Wine, who spoke a few minutes later, said the family may have been forced to release the reports.

“The death of Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata (I am sorry to say) is not something we are told, I know even the family has received a call from the big man, frightened by what they are saying today,” Bobi Wine said.

“How else do you explain that radical people like Sheikh Muzaata are dying and we have no report on the cause of their death at this time?” Bobi Wine added.

He also said the government is rushing to contribute to burial costs and other bills because it is hiding something from the family.

The government provided a total of UGX 90 million to clear Sheikh Muzaata’s funeral arrangements and medical bills.

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