Azawi: 7 Things to Know Before ‘African Music’ Album Release

The Swangz Avenue artist Priscilla Zawedde, alias Azawi, will release her first album, titled African Music, on the 9th of October, following her 2020 EP, ‘LoFit’.

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As the details about Azawi’s upcoming album release begin to emerge, here’s everything we know so far. PHOTO via @TWITTER

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA ( — On Independence Day, 9th October, Swangz Avenue star Azawi born Priscilla Zawedde will release her debut album called ‘African Music,’ the follow-up to her 2020 EP ‘LoFit’.

  • Here are seven things to know about Azawi’s ‘African Music’ album so far.
  • On Thursday night (Oct.7), Azawi held her first-ever listening party for her unreleased album.
  • ‘African Music’ tracklist by Azawi contains 16 songs, see it here.
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We recently learned that Azawi’s album is indeed worth the wait, as it features collaborations from big names like Eddy Kenzo, A Pass, Fik Fameica and Benon Mugumbya.

If there’s anyone who can give us an inside scoop on the upcoming album – aside from her tight-lipped Swangz Avenue management – then it’s Azawi herself, thanks to her YouTube documentary ‘The Making of African Music‘.

On Twitter, the ‘Slow Dancing‘ singer said that her album ‘African Music’ is a rollercoaster of emotions, a cocktail of love, gratitude, celebration, and chest-thumping.

She recently shared an update about the progress being made on her debut album, including the full tracklist.

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Additionally, the super talented Swangz Avenue recording artist and performer revealed that 99.9% of her album is already completed and is set for release on 9th October 2021.

First off, Azawi made her mark on the scene with her 2020 ‘LoFit’ EP, which gave birth to singles such as Repeat It, Crazy Lover, Lo Fit, Quinamino and Mbinyumilwa.

And now with emerging details pointing to its imminent arrival, here is everything we know so far about Azawi’s upcoming album.

#1. The Title

After releasing the album’s second single, ‘Slow Dancing’, Azawi revealed the title of her new album as ‘African Music’ on September 15, 2021.

#2. Azawi’s new album release date

The singer Azawi announced that her upcoming album will arrive in 2021, releasing the specific release date as October 9.

To date, Azawi has released two songs from her debut album, ‘African Music’, ‘My Year’ and ‘Slow Dancing’, which have been trending on YouTube in Uganda and topping charts on Apple Music.

#3. What will the album sound like?

Azawi revealed that the album is heavily influenced by African rhythms and sounds during a YouTube premiere of her mini-documentary ”The Making of African Music”.

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“Being in the traditional African traditional dance groups exposed me to that rich content of African sounds and rhythms and I got all of that content and I put it into my work that is why you’re going to find a lot of African instruments in my content.”

She added: ”African Music is a rollercoaster of emotions. A cocktail of love, gratitude, celebration and chest-thumping. You are definitely going to get high on this one. I promise.”

#4. Album Length

According to Azawi, her new album will have only 16 songs. She first spoke about it on September 24, 2021.

#5. Azawi music album tracklist

Here’s the full tracklist for the ‘African Music’ album by Azawi.

  1. Gimme
  2. Craving you heavy
  3. Bamututte
  4. Thankful ft Benon
  5. Majje ft Fik Fameica
  6. Slow dancing
  7. Face Me ft A Pass
  8. Fwa Fwa Fwa
  9. Ku Kido
  10. My Year
  11. Tubatiisa
  12. Party Mood
  13. Nkuchekele ft Eddy Kenzo
  14. Love you is easy
  15. African Music
  16. Ache for you
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#6. Azawi’s new album guest appearances

Benon Mugumbya will not be the only guest on the upcoming ‘African Music’ album as A Pass, Eddy Kenzo, and Fik Fameica will also appear on the album.

In a series of tweets, Azawi has been revealing artists expected to appear on her debut album, see below.

Also on this record, she worked with producers like Steve Keys, Kusseim, Bomba (Bomba Made My Beat) and Nessim.

#7. Listening party for Azawi’s album

On Thursday night (Oct.7), Azawi held her first-ever listening party for her unreleased ‘African Music’ album at Kampala’s Saba Onomo Hotel.

It was an invite-only event that drew a few big names such as Swangz Avenue, Sheilah Gashumba and boyfriend Rickman Manrick, and Eddy Kenzo among others.

In response to album content, Kenzo stated that the humble girl he has seen throughout his career has proven that she is talented to watch. He worked with her and can attest that he is pleased to be part of her music.

The album is set to be released on Saturday.

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