Get Your Music Heard Across Facebook Apps with ‘independent Artist Program’

The Independent Artist Program on Facebook helps artists distribute their songs across Facebook and Instagram products such as Stories, Reels, and anywhere there is a music library.

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‘Independent Artist Program’ lets you share your music across Facebook apps. FILE PHOTO

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA — Facebook has introduced its Independent Artist Program, which allows artists and creators to distribute their music on Facebook and Instagram products like Stories, Reels and anywhere else Facebook has music libraries.

The company says it has teamed up with DistroKid and TuneCore to make the program possible, which “allows artists to quickly share their music on Facebook and Instagram at no additional cost to them”.

TuneCore and Distrokid will allow artists to share their music with Facebook and Instagram, and also use it to create content for their products.

On Facebook and Instagram, people can include music stickers to customize their stories, as well as lyrics.

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Instagram’s TikTok-like app Reels, meanwhile, is available in 50 global markets and offers music and audio as its cornerstone feature.

When Facebook platforms use artists’ music, they will also be paid, but the terms will vary depending on the distributor.

In a press release today, TuneCore announced that its musicians will earn money for every time their music is used for Facebook or Instagram content.

Facebook says its partnership with DistroKid and TuneCore will enable people to connect and express themselves through music.

For TuneCore and Distrokid, Facebook isn’t the first social media partnership based on the video they have made.

TuneCore and Believe partnered with YouTube in May to offer music for its short-form video service, Shorts. Likewise, Distrokid announced that it would provide music for Snapchat in May.

“Facebook is excited to improve the way that independent artists and creators can reach new audiences on the platform and build community through music,” said Chris Papaleo, Music Business Development Manager, Facebook.

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“Facebook is proud to make it easier for independent artists and creators to build community and reach new audiences using its platform, said Chris Papaleo, the company’s Music Business Development Manager.

We’re thrilled to help independent artists by enabling distribution through Facebook and Instagram for free. Philip Kaplan, founder and CEO of DistroKid, said, “Music discovery and sharing takes place on Facebook and Instagram in incredibly powerful ways.

”We’re delighted to be able to support independent artists by including Facebook and Instagram as free distribution channels for their music,” said Philip Kaplan, Founder and CEO, DistroKid.

Adding to this, Andrea Gleeson, Co-head and Chief Revenue Officer at TuneCore, noted, “Discovery today takes place via social media, rather than just relying on DJs and music industry executives handpicking hits.

The popularity of short-form videos means Facebook Stories and Instagram Reels are two of the top venues for fans to discover music and artists, and popular songs play a crucial role in careers being made.

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“Short-form video popularity provides fans with a way to discover songs and artists, and songs that go viral can make careers for artists.”

“The Facebook Independent Artist Program provides an even greater opportunity for indie artists globally to be heard.”

“Facebook’s Independent Artist Program gives indie artists from around the world a wider platform to be heard.”

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