Gallup Poll: 40% of Americans Reject the Death Penalty

According to Gallup poll, registered Americans reject the death penalty saying it’s “not morally acceptable.”

Americans reject the death penalty
Americans now believe that the death penalty is “not morally acceptable.”. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

40% of Americans reject the death penaltyGallup released the results of its 2019 “Values ​​and Belief” survey, and one innovation in particular emerged. According to opinion polls, registered Americans now believe that the death penalty is “not morally acceptable.”

The poll found that only 54% of respondents accept the death penalty morally. This represents a 6% decline from last year’s findings. Meanwhile, 40% of Americans said the death penalty was morally wrong, which is the highest estimate since Gallup launched this poll in 2001. 

The survey also outlined the number of Americans who would like to be sentenced to life imprisonment.

“Death penalty opinions are constantly evolving over the last 80 years,” wrote Gallup of the survey’s findings. “For the first time in at least 30 years, they say that life imprisonment is a better punishment than death while providing an obvious alternative.”

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The political spectrum

The survey results are coloured by political gradients. Only 37% of self-identified liberals who responded to the referendum agreed to the death penalty. But 67% of respondents who consider themselves conservatives supported this practice. 

Regarding moderates, 56% of respondents who identify as close to the political centre said the death penalty was moral.

Highs and lows

The survey touched on many issues. The question that most respondents said was morally acceptable was the use of birth control, which was supported by 90% of the participants. Similarly, 86% of respondents said that drinking alcohol is morally acceptable.

The most acceptable issue in the survey is treachery. Of those polled, only 9% said it was morally acceptable to have an extramarital affair.

Other issues that are widely rejected are human cloning (12% said it was acceptable) and suicide (18% said it was acceptable).


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