Rayshard Brooks Murder, Garret Rolfe Could Face the Death Penalty

Garrett Rolfe charged and could face the death penalty if convicted in the Rayshard Brooks murder.

Rayshard Brooks Murder, Garret Rolfe Is Charged
Rayshard Brooks Murder, Garret Rolfe is charged. FILE PHOTO

Rayshard Brooks Murder: Garret Rolfe is accused of the killing of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta. Devin Brosnan, the other officer on the scene, will testify as a prosecutor in this case. He could face the death penalty if Rolfe is convicted.

How it happened

On June 12, 27-year-old Rashard Brooks was found drunk in his car while he was asleep. Brooks’ car blocked movement through the Atlanta Wendy’s restaurant lane. After he woke up, after he had failed a leisurely test, he was taken aback. Brooks was not opposed at first. 

However, when handcuffed, Mr Brooks objected, then punched Officer Rolfe and stole Officer Brosnan’s taser. While fleeing the officers, Mr Brooks aimed at Rolfe, who intensified the conflict by twice shooting Mr Brooks. Rolfe kicked Brooks while on the ground he was dying.

Mr Rolfe called Brooks a dangerous threat. The legal case revolves around the issue of whether Rolfe has a legitimate concern. Unfortunately, for Mr Rolfe’s case, a Taser is generally not considered a dangerous weapon, especially when the suspect is away.

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Mr Brooks has been accused by Rolfe ‘s lawyer for the attack. “Mr Brooks attacked and disarmed two officers, violently,” continued LoRusso’s statement. “Any official would have reasonably believed that when Brooks turned and points to an object of Officer Rolfe, he was going to disarm, disable or seriously injure him.”.

Rayshard Brooks murder is fueling the outrage over racial injustice in the police and throughout the American community.

Rayshard Brooks murder, change is about to come

The killing has further provoked frustration by police brutality against African-Americans. On Monday, Atlanta Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced a series of changes aimed at dramatically changing how the police department can use force. 

Expansion methods will now be required before an officer seeks dangerous power. Officers will now be “restricted to duty” when they see another officer use unnecessary force. 

Under the new rules, Atlanta police officers will only be allowed to use “objectively reasonable force” to protect themselves and others.

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