Lady Gaga Returns with “Chromatica”, Her 6th Studio Album

Lady Gaga has released “Chromatica”, her sixth studio album on Friday.

Lady Gaga releases Chromatica
Lady Gaga finally releases “Chromatica”. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

After many anticipations, including early releases of the two singles, Lady Gaga finally released “Chromatica”, her sixth studio album on Friday. 

Chromatica marks the artist’s return to her roots after the 2016 detour, Joanne, her last studio album, which examined the country’s motifs and participated in the soundtrack of the Oscar-nominated film A Star Is Born 2018, in which she won the Academy Award for her song “Shallow,”.

But with Chromatica, the genre-bending performance artist is back with synth tunes and catchy dance floor hooks that set Jet as a pop star in the early 2010s. 

Originally scheduled for release in April, the introduction of Chromatica was delayed as a result of the coronavirus infection.

While restrictions are in effect for much of the country, which prevents fans from enjoying new dance beats at nightclubs or glory festivals this summer, the release marks a historically bleak moment.

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The album includes 16 tracks, including “Stupid Love,” and “Rain on Me,” which was released in February with a music video, a duet with fellow pop starlet Ariana Grande, which came on the Internet last week. Chromatica is collaborating with music icon Elton John, titled “Sine from Above.”

Lady Gaga celebrated the release Monday morning with an Instagram post in which she plays the album track “911”. Chromatica is available to listen on all major streaming sites.


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