Settlement for Breonna Taylor: Family to Get $12 Million

A spokeswoman for Louisville’s mayor confirms the $12 million Louisville has provided to Breonna Taylor’s family as its largest-ever paid settlement.

Family of Breonna Taylor to Get 12 Million Dollars
Family of Breonna Taylor to Get 12 Million Dollars. PHOTO via @Christian Science Monitor

Voices across the United States including her family have called for justice in the case of 26-year-old emergency room technician Breonna Taylor, who was shot dead by police officers at her home.

  • Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for Breonna’s family, called the payment “historic”.
  • Tamika Palmer, the Mother of Breonna, pushed the officers to face criminal charges.
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On Tuesday, Kentucky, where Breonna lived and died, the town of Louisville, announced that the deceased family would be settled. They’ll receive $12 million for the wrongful death of their daughter.

In addition to the monetary settlement, the city has agreed to make a dozen reforms in its police policies to prevent a similar tragedy. However, this does not mention one of the primary demands of the public: allegations against the authorities who killed Breonna.

This is because the decision to charge officers is up to the state attorney general, not the city of Louisville.

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Breonna Taylor’s settlement and Reforms

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced a solution with reforms. Among them, officials will set up a housing loan scheme to encourage people to live in the neighbourhoods where they work.

Another reform would provide social workers with support for certain police runs. Finally, a major reform requires commanders to review and approve search warrants before obtaining a judge’s approval.

Concerning the $12 million Louisville is providing to the family of Breonna Taylor, a mayor’s office spokesman confirmed that this is the largest settlement ever paid by the city.

Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for Breonna’s family, called the payment “historic” and said it might be the biggest solution so far in the wrongful death of a black woman police officer.

However, for the family of the late medical professional, Breonna’s life could never be changed by a single dollar. But his family said there was some consolation in repairing the police system that resulted from his death, and that it would prevent other families from falling victim to such a dream in the future.

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“Justice for Breonna is that we will continue to save lives for her honor,” said Tamika Palmer, the deceased’s mother. “No money has accomplished that, but the police reform measures we have implemented as part of this immigration are more than enough for my family, our community, and Breonna’s legacy.”


Despite the payments and reforms, one key demand for justice for Breonna Taylor remains unresolved: the arrest of the officers who killed him.

In March, three-drug officers went through the door of Breonna’s home, firing a personal gun at her boyfriend for fear of armed intrusion. Officers who responded turned the fire around and caught Breonna in the crossfire.

In June, police stopped Officer Brett Hankson from firing ten rounds. He was responsible for killing a young medical worker. Still, neither he nor his colleagues have been charged in the incident.

Meanwhile, in the state capital, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has become special counsel in the case. (Incidentally, the first black Attorney General of the State of Cameroon). Also, the FBI has opened its investigation into the defective investigation that ended in the death of Breonna Taylor.

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Family lawyers Benjamin Crump and Lonita Baker, as well as Tamika Palmer, the Mother of Breonna, pushed the officers to face criminal charges.

“It’s time to move forward with criminal charges,” Palmer said. “Because she deserves it, and many more. Her beautiful spirit and personality work for all of us on the ground, so please continue to say her name: Breonna Taylor.”

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