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Julia Roberts was wearing blue, not green, yet still looked like the Disney fairy she played 27 years ago in ‘Hook’! See the dress fit for a princess that Julia wore for her latest magazine cover.

Are we back in Neverland? Julia Roberts, 50, who played Tinker Bell in the 1991 film Hook, took us back almost three decades ago with her new cover shoot for Entertainment Weekly. In a blue gown that spilled layers on layers of tulle and strawberry blonde hair, she still looked like Peter Pan’s best friend! When Julia’s Tinker Bell came to life on the big screen, the Oscar-winning actress was then just 23 years old. While Julia’s magazine cover appeared to have been torn from a fairy-tale book, she said some words that weren’t Disney-friendly during her interview with the entertainment outlet, which was published on Oct. 25.

Julia revealed she “beat the sh*t” out of her co-star, Lucas Hedges — while the camera was rolling, of course. The actress is starring in a much darker film now, Ben Is Back, in which she plays the role of a mother who welcomes back her opioid-addicted son (Lucas). Julia really threw herself into one of the more climatic scenes, in which her character suspects Ben has returned to drugs and confronts him in the dressing room at a men’s clothing store. “I damaged my hand, actually,” Julia admitted to Entertainment Weekly. “I don’t think it’s in the movie, but I really kind of beat the sh*t out of Lucas in that dressing room, and I wasn’t imagining that was the way the scene was going to go, and I don’t think he was either.” Even Ben’s actor confessed that he thinks he “actually got bruised,” but gave her credit. Julia’s newest project will be released on Dec. 7!

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This isn’t the only magazine cover Julia has recently graced, as she also posed for the November 2018 issue of Harper’s Bazaar! Oprah Winfrey herself interviewed Julia for the magazine, and the Pretty Woman actress revealed how she really felt about getting older. Julia will turn 51 in just three days on Oct. 28! In regards to ringing in her 50s last year, Julia told Oprah, That’s what getting older is about. It’s not about turning 50, it’s about turning even more into the person that you have made clear to the people that you love who you are.” And we can so clearly see that on her beautiful face below!

Julia Roberts Blue Dress
Courtesy of EW

And we’re happy to see Julia kept the blonde hair. After years of rocking her signature brunette curls, it was an exciting change to see her go blonde this summer! But TBH, the actress will always look like a real-life version of Tinker Bell, no matter her hair color.

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