Will Trump Sign An Executive Order on Social Media

Trump will sign an executive order reviewing legislation that protects major social media companies.

Will Trump sign an executive order on social media
Will Trump sign an executive order on social media. PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK

Will Trump sign an executive order on social media: Twitter has recently begun fact-check on Donald Trump’s tweets, making the president increasingly frustrated with corporate social media practices. 

He now claims that major social media companies are silencing conservative voices on their sites, so he (Trump) will sign an executive order reviewing legislation that protects major social media companies from being responsible for content published by their users.

The kerfuffle was created after the president tweeted a claim that the mail-in vote would lead to voter fraud, which is based on a factual basis. Twitter later tagged the tweet with a warning, suggesting that the tweet should be verified. 

Trump’s anger has threatened to marginalize social media or shut everything down.

Twitter’s chief executive, Jack Dorsey, responded to Trump’s criticism because the tweet “may mislead people into thinking they don’t need to register to get the ballot. We aim to connect the points of conflicting statements and show them that information is in dispute so people can judge themselves. “

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NetChoice chairman Steve DelBianco, the lobbyist for social media platforms, said the president was “trampling on the First Amendment by threatening the basic free speech rights of social media platforms.”

This debate goes straight to the First Amendment right to free speech in the Constitution.

A person has the right to stand up in the city square and express his views (with limits such as “fire” in a crowded arena. But if he/she sends a letter to the New York Times, the Times has the right to amend, comment or publish it. That is their site.

They say social media is a platform for free speech. They are a neutral city square where people can say whatever they want, and they have no obligation on the platform to say – hate or lie. As Mark Zuckerberg said yesterday in The Guardian, Facebook will not be “the arbiter of truth”.

The struggle that is taking place today is an attempt to find a measure of responsibility for its content on the social platform.

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Trump’s battle with social media could be related to his battle for a second term.

In the coming months, as political temperatures rise toward the election, so-called social media will have a significant or even worse impact.

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