Uganda Airlines suspends operations over coronavirus crisis

Uganda Airlines announces indefinite suspension of all its operation over coronavirus crisis

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Uganda Airlines announces indefinite suspension of all its operation. FILE PHOTO

After the outbreak of deadly coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Uganda, Ugandan Airlines has stopped all operations indefinitely.

According to yesterday’s Uganda airlines report, suspending operations were intended to ensure the security of all customers, employees and the general public following the confirmation in Uganda of Coronavirus.

“This is in the interest of ensuring the safety of our customers, staff and the public, ” read the statement adding that the decision was also made in compliance with the rapidly evolving travel restrictions and the various national and international obligations in the global fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week, the organizers of Uganda’s airlines started by calling specific flights to risky countries in the African region, including flights to Mombasa, Kilimanjaro, and Somalia.

“Flight no UR206/207 (Afternoon) (to Nairobi) and Flight no. UR20/521 EBBMGQEBB (Mogadishu) was called off until further notice,” a statement from the airlines read last week.

The airlines are however not expected to travel from now on until the deadly coronavirus has been put to rest.

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This was done to comply with the directives of President Museveni on compliance with guidelines on health and security, operational and regulatory requirements to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Over the weekend Uganda reported it’s first COVID-19 case. The victim, a 36-year-old businessman, reportedly returned from Dubai on Ethiopian Airlines.

Following the shocking news, on Sunday 22 President Museveni spoke to the nation about the country’s ability to deal with the outbreak of viruses.

As a result, Museveni issued a directive which stifled all borders, including the international airport, in the face of concerns that more infected individuals could enter the country and spread the virus further in the world.

For the third time in twelve days, Museveni who spoke to the nation asked Uganda to consider reducing public transportation.

Museveni also called on people who move without justifiable reasons to stay home to limit their chances of becoming infected with the virus.

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On Sunday 22, deaths from coronavirus had risen to over 14,700 in Europe and the USA, according to the tracker from Johns Hopkins.

On Saturday, health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng stressed that the coronavirus pandemic had placed a total of 1827 travellers including Ugandans under quarantine.

She said most of these citizens came from high-risk countries and had to be separated for further testing for follow-up purposes.

“To date, for follow-up, a total of 1827 travellers, including Ugandans and others who travel back home, have been identified. Around 827 are in self-quarantine while about 1000 are in quarantine, “said Aceng on Saturday.

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