Uganda to Provide Compensation to Victims of Free Bobi Wine Protests

Speaking on the recent free Bobi Wine protests, Museveni said that they will compensate the families of those who have died and have not been rioters.

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Of the 54 people who died as a result of the free Bobi Wine protests, 32 of them were involved in the riots, while others were hit by stray bullets, Museveni said. PHOTO via @TWITTER/30 November 2020

President Yoweri Museveni has said the government will pay compensation to the families of all those who were tragically killed during recent free Bobi Wine protests in parts of Uganda demanding the release of Robert Kyagulanyi.

  • Uganda agrees to provide compensation to families of victims of free Bobi wine protests.
  • Museveni said that the government would compensate the families of those who have died.
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On November 18, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, or Bobi Wine, leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), was arrested and detained at Nalufenya police station for violating COVID-19 guidelines.

Following his arrest, several Ugandan people rushed to the streets and burned tires and debris in the middle of the road, as well as aimed stones at police officers.

This prompted police to respond to the action by throwing tear gas and live bullets to disperse the crowd. A few days later, police released a report confirming that more than 50 people had been killed in the riots, while several others were injured.

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However, while addressing the nation during a digitized speech on Sunday evening, President Museveni wiped out the air that the government would provide compensation to the families of those who lost their lives if they were not protesters.

Of the 54 people who died from injuries caused by free Bobi Wine demonstrations, 32 of them were involved in the riot, others were hit by stray bullets, and two of the victims were hit by a vehicle which lost control as the driver was hit by stones.

“When the presidential candidates Amuriat and Kyagulanyi Ssentamu were arrested on the 18th, the political elements I was talking about began to execute their plan by burning tires, blocking roads and attacking people in NRM uniforms,” ​​Museveni said.

“Unfortunately, 54 people died in the chaos. 32 of the dead were rioters. Others were hit by false bullets, and two of the victims were hit by a vehicle which lost control as the driver was hit by stones.”

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Moreover, the president, who supported the police response to the riots, said it was a crime to attack security forces by throwing stones or trying to disarm them.

Museveni said the upcountry districts do not have anti-riot equipment and as a result, the public is using this opportunity to attack with stones.

“Attacking security forces by throwing stones or disarming them is a crime. You have done nothing to help anyone keep the law. You are bound by the constitution to do so. We do not have to have riot police gears at all the police posts,” Museveni added.

“Many police officers do not have the anti-riot tools, they should not have. It is everyone’s duty to maintain order. Despite the weaknesses of the police, allowing such punishment to continue, Uganda’s overall security system is strong.”

The president further lashed out at some opposition politicians who thought were untouchables. He said they had misled the people into fighting with the police and attacking supporters of the ruling NRM party.

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He issued a strong warning that all those who attack NRM supporters will be dealt with accordingly.

“There is nothing I don’t know. You can play any game you like, but we will beat you,” Museveni warned.

“Some politicians are untouchables. The notion that supporters will revolt if they are arrested is unacceptable and should not be repeated. Anyone with ears should hear this; no one wearing an NRM uniform should be attacked. The perpetrators have seen the consequences.”

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