Uganda Confirms 31 New Coronavirus Cases

Uganda Coronavirus cases rose to 253 after the Ministry of Health confirmed 31 new cases.

Uganda 31 new coronavirus cases Ruth-Aceng (1)
Uganda’s coronavirus cases are rising. PHOTO/Health Minister Ruth Aceng

Uganda Coronavirus cases rose to 253 after the Ministry of Health confirmed 31 new cases today.

On Tuesday evening, the Ministry of Health issued a statement in which 23 cases were tested at the country’s border points, with eight (8) contacts for previously confirmed truck cargo drivers.

According to the ministry’s report, eight contacts were isolated during the raids.

“A total number of 1116 samples were tested on Tuesday and 896 of these samples were at border points of entry whereas 220 samples were from communities and contacts,” the Ministry of Health said in a statement released Tuesday evening.

According to the Ministry of Health, after testing positive for the COVID-19 epidemic, 20 truck drivers were returned to their home countries and all truck drivers tested at the entrance.

Four (4) of the truck drivers are from Kenya and 16 are from Tanzania, bringing the total number of returning truck drivers to 270.

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In his last presidential address, President Museveni issued a guideline that all truck drivers should be checked at border points and that positive testers should return to their own places.

This was confirmed at a time when Uganda’s coronavirus cases were rising exponentially and most of the confirmed cases were from truck drivers.

Before this guideline, truck drivers would go to the country before checking in and get to their places and then they get results. This became a threat as truck drivers began to communicate with the public before the results were obtained, so the community of Uganda is becoming infected.

The Ministry of Health has introduced a rapid test system for COVID-19. Using this machine, the ministry can test truck drivers at all border points and get results there in less than an hour, and positive testers will be returned to their country of origin.

As Uganda has begun to simplify coronavirus control operations, confirmed new cases have come at a time when all private vehicles were allowed back onto the roads on May 26, 2020.

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Private vehicle owners must be a three (3) number plus driver, and everyone in the vehicle must wear quality and standard mask.

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