The UK Approves Pfizer’s US Coronavirus Vaccine for Use

The UK approves Pfizer’s US coronavirus vaccine and is proud to be the first country in the West to do so.

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The United Kingdom (UK) approved Pfizer’s US coronavirus vaccine on Wednesday as a first western country to enable the health services to start mass inoculations of a disease that has killed over 1.4 millions people worldwide. PHOTO via @Reuters/2 December 2020

On Wednesday the UK gave Pfizer’s American-developed coronavirus vaccine emergency approval to become the first Western country to allow its healthcare services to start mass inoculation against a disease in which more than 1.4 million people have died in the world.

  • The UK has one of the highest individual deaths in Europe from the virus.
  •  The government has purchased more than five doses of the list of different vaccines.
  • For each person, the UK purchased more than five doses of the list of different vaccines.
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Approval begins with a vaccine campaign with little precedent in modern medicine, which includes not only plates of ultracold dry ice and glass vials but also a crusade against vaccine misinformation.

The fall of Britain to the United States for approval already angered the White House, putting additional pressure on US regulators to keep pace with Britain.

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As Pfizer moved forward to richer countries such as Britain, which had ordered tens of thousands of doses, it offered little relief to poor countries that could not afford to buy goods in advance and to distribute vaccines that might struggle to pay for exceptional claims.

Already, carrying bottles at temperatures as high as the South Pole dictates who can be vaccinated: Nursing-home residents should be Britain’s top priority according to an advisory panel’s plan. However, the limit on how many times the Pfizer vaccine can be moved before losing efficacy means that the NHS staff will first have shots.

The government is interested in how quickly hospitals can be saved after approval, but doctors and nurses were preparing to vaccinate their colleagues within days.

According to the UK, which has one of the highest individual deaths in Europe from the virus, the decision of its drug regulator testified to a vaccination strategy that was most aggressive in the West.

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Following the strengthening of an EU law allowing public health emergencies to exit regulatory orbit, Britain asked its pharmaceutical and health products regulatory body to expedite a review of Pfizer’s vaccine, which was 95 per cent effective in a delayed phase investigation, as well as that of AstraZeneca.

For each person in the UK, the government has purchased more than five doses of the list of different vaccines.

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